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Articles from Vol. 93, No. 1129, November

'Variations Are a Journey: You Become Another Person': Tackling Three Sets of Variations by Bach, Beethoven and Rzewski on a Single Recording Is as Great a Challenge as Any Pianist Can Face, but It's Just Another Example of Igor Levit's Uncompromising Determination, Finds Hugo Shirley
When Marc-Andre Hamelin released his recording of Frederic Rzewski's The People United Will Never Be Defeated! in 1999, Bryce Morrison wrote in these pages how he was impatient to see the Canadian pianist tackle Bach's Goldberg Variations and Beethoven's...
Viva Musica Italiana! for 10 Years, Gianandrea Noseda Has Championed Lesser Known Italian Composers through His Groundbreaking Series for Chandos with a Passion That Shows No Sign of Waning, Finds Geoffrey Norris
'Passion or duty?,' I provocatively ask Gianandrea Noseda about his approach to Musica Italiana, the groundbreaking Chandos series that last year celebrated its 10th anniversary. We are sitting on the shores of Lake Maggiore at Stresa, where the previous...
Wagner: Das Rheingold
Wagner Das Rheingold Matthias Goerne bar Wotan Oleksandr Pushniak bar Dormer Charles Reid ten Froh Kim Begley ten Loge Kwangchul Yountess Fasolt...
Weber's Konzertstuck, in F Minor: Having Long Fallen out of Favour, This Work Is Best Appreciated without Reference to the Story of Its First Hearing Believes Jeremy Nicholas, Who Delves into a Mixed Bag of Recordings and Retrieves Some Real Gems
Two eminent commentators of an earlier generation had something to say about Carl Maria von Weber's Konzertstuck. Albert Lockwood, in his Notes on the Literature of the Piano (1940), said: 'The Concertstuck, grand old stand-by that it is, still occasionally...
What Does Music Mean to You? Join the Debate
Every issue, six pages on from this space, we direct readers towards our website, with the encouragement that 'The magazine is just the beginning ...' The magazine is indeed the beginning, from which most else that we do springs, as it's here that...
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