The Journal of Law in Society

The Journal of Law in Society is a student-managed publication of Wayne State University Law School that provides scholarly discourse on the intersection of law and society.

Articles from Vol. 17, No. 2, Spring

Effectiveness of the Clean Air Act in Light of the Shortcomings of the Epa's Stationary Source Civil Penalty Policy: A Call for Binding Rules with an Increased Deterrent Effect on Industry
I. Introduction Proper penalty assessments for the violation of environmental laws are the only protection American citizens have against billion dollar corporate polluters. For example, Detroit Michigan's 48127 zip code is home to some of the state's...
Petcoke: How an Outdated and Inconsistent Regulatory Framework Defeats Environmental Justice in Detroit
I. INTRODUCTION 3 A. Environmental Injustice in America's Industrial Capital 5 B. Petcoke - What Is It and How Did It Get Here? 8 II. BACKGROUND OF PETCOKE PRODUCTION...
Regionalizing the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, the Effects of Privatization on Metro Detroit Residents and the Importance of Community Control
1. INTRODUCTION The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) is currently the third largest supplier of drinking water in the United States. (1) The City has had a history of both public and private drinking water systems. (2) Today, nearly...
The Ten-Cent Windfall: Bottle Returns, Interstate Commerce, and Environmental Fallout
I. INTRODUCTION 27 II. BACKGROUND 29 A. History of Recycling in the United States 29 B. The Michigan Bottle Bill (1976)...
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