Annals of Psychotherapy and Integrative Health


Vol. 15, No. 2, Summer

"She's Perfect." My Light Bulb Moment
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Sometimes you are in the middle of a conversation and it happens. Other times you are watching television and it happens. It also happens when you are listening to music, reading an article, or for some it could be when reading...
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The Alliance: From Theory to Practice
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Abstract Interest in the therapeutic alliance can be traced back to the founding fathers of psychotherapy, Alliance continues to be a critical variable in both adult and youth therapy, given its impact on treatment outcomes....
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Understanding Bipolar Disorder: Psychosocial Treatment Methods for the Psychotherapist
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depressive disorder, currently affects 3.9 percent of the United States population. Roughly 1 in every 50 people suffer from a variation of the illness (Miklowitz, 2011; Kessler, Berglund,...
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The Comprehensive Analysis of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and the Use of the Cognitive Model as an Effective Treatment
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Introduction Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder that occurs very frequently in all age groups (Hollander & Stein, 1997). It is a typical and recurrently hindering disorder depicted by unwelcome...
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In Depression Awareness Day the residents of Keystone Recovery Center convened in a high-school gym to share their feelings and to honor their experiences. Two clients had already spoken about their psychiatric history and the troubles they encountered...
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Welcome New Members, New Credentialed, Life Members, Diplomates, and Fellows!
PROVISIONAL NEW MEMBERS Patsy Andrews Luisa Barba Sheila Best Robert Bole Linder Carroll Margaret Clee Terry Collier David Davis Kenneth Dennis Ana Ferran Karen Gilbert Tamika Gulley Michel Hansen-Stamper Helen...
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2012 Executive Summit October 17-19 Las Vegas Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
OCTOBER 17-19 Las Vegas Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino The 24-hour-a-day, non-stop action provides an exciting backdrop for the tens of millions of people that make Las Vegas their travel destination each year. From a rollercoaster ride...
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Anxiety Disorder: Investigating CAM Approaches to Generalized
Abstract Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is characterized by persistent, incapacitating worry without significant resolution of troubling questions or thoughts. Standard treatment approaches to GAD include pharmaceutical preparations or psychotherapeutic...
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Bitter Orange
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Latin Name: CITRUS AURANTIUM This fact sheet provides basic information about bitter orange--common names, uses, potential side effects, and resources for more information. The bitter orange tree is native to eastern Africa...
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Memo to Heart
It is so exhausting, some days, to hold onto everything that needs to stay organized. You feel that if you fall behind, something catastrophic will happen. Something catastrophic has already happened anyway, though: You are exhausted. You aren't...
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Editor's Pick
As a working wife and mother of three m teen-aged daughters and a very understanding husband, my life can be a V little harried at times, to say the least. When I decided to write a review of Eve Eliot's meditation CDs, I had no idea what an impact...
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Increasing Value in Your Certification!
The American Association of Integrative Medicine[SM] and American Psychotherapy Association[R] are continually finding ways to keep up with the constant change of standards and requirements ensuring the safety of the public, patients, and our members....
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Screening Instruments Revisited: A Descriptive Study Evaluating Cognitive Function and Intelligence of Severely Psychotic Inpatients
ABSTRACT This paper, a descriptive study, was intended to demonstrate that screening instruments can be very helpful when assessment is requested of severely psychotic inpatients. These short form assessment procedures are important to further work-up...
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Ventilate and Validate
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] During Ground Zero a group of chaplains developed a process known as Ventilate and Validate. The concept of this process is to prompt the victim or witness of a traumatic event to talk about it for five minutes. By doing so,...
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Our Overworked Society
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Over the last several weeks in conversations with friends, colleagues, and in sessions with clients, the main topic of discussion has been how tired of working everyone seems to feel, regardless of their job or profession....
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Focus of Therapy
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] With all the rush to reform health care by cutting costs, there are side effects that could impact how we perform psychotherapy. One side effect is the direct impact on revenue streams. Another is the direct impact on quality...
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Leadership through Servitude
In February, Kristine and I had the opportunity to attend the monthly luncheon of DallasHR, an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management. Featured speakers, Henry Rogers and Chris Willis, presented how Interstate Batteries integrates servant...
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Vol. 14, No. 2, Summer

Just Do It! Could We All Have the Same Level of Success as Nike? Could Our Patients? I Say Yes!
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] There is more to the Nike Swoosh than anyone might ever imagine. According to Nike company lore, one of the most famous and easily recognized slogans in advertising history was coined at a 1988 meeting of Nike's ad agency,...
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