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Vol. 8, No. 1, November

An Excel Based Template for the Machinist's Sequencing Problem
(ProQuest: ... denotes formulae omitted.)IntroductionThe machinist's sequencing dilemma (MSD) is defined as a sequencing problem where the central question is to find the proper sequence of a series of jobs, each with a probability of failure and with...
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Investing in Telecoms in Transition Economies: A Conceptual Framework for Cross-Country Collaboration and an Illustrative Example
IntroductionCurrent economic situation makes a cross-country collaboration a viable opportunity for economies of the world to pursue new sources of revenue and economic growth. Such collaborative opportunities are especially attractive for Transition...
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Environmental Costs, Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance - a Closer Examination of Japanese Companies
IntroductionThe concept of environmental accounting was created in 1970 when the United States implemented the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in response to growing concerns over the conservation of the environment (Nixon, 1970). In 1972, the...
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The Effect of Macro and Micro Country Image on Consumers' Quality Perceptions: Evidence from a Developed and a Developing Country
IntroductionFor the past three decades, the effect of products' country of origin (COO) on consumer behavior has been one of the most widely studied phenomena in marketing and consumer behavior. Most of the researchers (e.g. Klenosky et al., 1996; Jun...
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An Investigation on Instituional Holdings of Firms during the 2008 Financial Crisis
(ProQuest: ... denotes formulae omitted.)IntroductionCompanies that attract large investments by institutions have been followed by writers of financial literature since the 1960's, and are usually referred to as the "nifty fifty or favorite fifty,"...
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Vol. 7, No. 1, November

On Corporate Governance and the Variables That Determined the Value of Firms That Experienced the Greatest Declines in a Period of Financial Market Turmoil
(ProQuest: ... denotes formulae omitted.)IntroductionThe financial market events of December 2007 to June 2009 that heavily involved financial institutions, and as a corollary most all companies and individuals, have resulted in so much debate, legislation,...
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Review of Outward Foreign Direct Investment from India Post Liberalization
IntroductionTill 1991, there was excessive control of the State over economy with inward looking policies leading to over protection of economy and thereafter deterioration of trade, general economy and large fiscal deficits, financed by external borrowings....
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Depreciation's Effect on Capital Budgeting Metrics Needs More Educator Focus
IntroductionSurveys and discussions with CEOs, CFOs, and other business leaders have verified that there is a common perception that accountants are better trained for successful careers in public accounting than for successful careers inside the corporate...
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Protect Put Certificates - a Case of Bearish Structured Products
(ProQuest: ... denotes formulae omitted.)IntroductionAs a consequence of financial innovation, recent years have witnessed a substantial increase in both the size and scope of structured product markets. Most structured products are created by intermediaries...
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Vol. 6, No. 1, November

From Boots on the Ground to Seats in the Classroom: An Assessment of Institutional Structure and Veteran Students
The purpose of this study was to answer the research question: Does variation exist in the organizational structure designed to service the needs of veteran students at "military friendly" institutions? The results of this study are derived from empirical...
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Fundamental Financial Characteristics of Those Firms Identified by Value Line with the Highest Technical Ratings in a Period of Ecomomic Recession and Financial Market Turmoil
ABSTRACTPrevious studies that examined the fundamental financial characteristics that determine the value of firms identified as having the highest technical ratings have ignored the macroeconomic background and conditions in the financial markets at...
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An Innovative Decade of Enduring Accounting Ideas as Seen through the Lens of Culturomics: 1900-1910
ABSTRACTCulturomics is a new field of study to investigate how use of a word or phrase has changed over the past few centuries. We use the Culturomics approach to describe the temporal changes in the evolution of accounting thought. This is now possible...
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Transfer Pricing and Arm's-Length Standard
ABSTRACTTransfer pricing is a pricing method used for transactions for tax purposes. A standard called the arm's-length standard was created to aid in setting a transfer price and simplify the process to prevent double taxation for multinational companies....
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The Effect of Liquidity Shocks on Payout Policy Choice and Future Earnings Growth
ABSTRACTThis paper examines payout policies following firm-specific abnormal changes in cash balances (liquidity shocks). The resulting payout policy changes are studied within the context of liquidity shocks to distinguish between information asymmetry...
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Vol. 5, No. 1, May

Did the Market Forecast the Passage of the Health Care Reform Bill? Evidence from an Event Study
ABSTRACTOn Sunday, March 21, 2010, the House voted on and approved the Health Care Reform Bill. It was referred to as one of the largest pieces of legislation to reform health care since Medicaid and Medicare. There were also many critics of the bill....
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Ethical Differences among Business Students: Do the Differences Really Exist?
ABSTRACTThe paper investigates the predisposition of future business practitioners by comparing two groups of business students whose professions seem to be at the forefront of many ethical lapses. The study was designed to elicit responses from business...
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Iam Quotient for Impression Management: A Guide to Appearance and Behavior for Young Professionals
ABSTRACTAs Business School professors and management consultants, the message that must delivered all too often, is the need to understand the part appearance and behavior plays in getting a job or promotion. The role appearance and behavior have on...
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How Water Access Affects Housing Price in a Developing Country: A Hedonic Analysis
ABSTRACTThis paper studied the relationship between housing prices and different kinds of water access. The model is implemented using household data from Southwestern Sri Lanka, comprising 1723 households in 17 sub-regions around the city of Colombo....
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Convergence to International Financial Reporting Standards for the Statement of Cash Flows: -"Where Got, Where Going"
ABSTRACTMajor events have transpired during the past few years to make harmonization of world financial reporting standards a distinct possibility. An understanding of differences between U.S. GAAP and IFRS will be essential to make decisions in an international...
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Liquidity Shock Induced Changes in Investment Policy: Information Asymmetry or Agency?
ABSTRACTThis study examines the impact of large firm-specific abnormal changes in cash balances (liquidity shocks) on corporate investment policies. The results confirm that informational asymmetry (agency) problems are more severe for high (low) market-to-book...
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