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Vol. 2013, No. 2, March

Exploring the Chinese Heart of Teaching: A Narrative of a Classroom Life of Li Ren
Keywords: Teaching; Narrative; Classroom life; Autonomy; GuidanceAbstract: It is widely recognized that educational studies have been taking a "narrative turn". Narratives of personal experience, with an analytic method, tool, or object of inquiry are...
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Ecotheology, Land and Sustainable Development
Keywords: Ecology; Ecotheology; Land; Environment; Sustainable developmentAbstract: This paper is an attempt to mobilize the global Christian community to take urgent actions to preserve the natural environment from man-made destruction. As a grass root...
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Running Head: Self-Regulated Learning in Digital Environments
Keywords: Self-Regulated learning; Digital environment; Digital technology; Learning environments; Instructional technology; Self-Efficacy; Metacognition; ScaffoldingAbstract: From a metacognitive perspective, self-regulated learning (SRL) refers to...
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Discussion about Object of Supervision to Cyberspace by Public Opinions in the Chinese New Century: Basing on Ethical and Moral Principles of Internet Media
Keywords: Internet media; Relation; Ethical and moral principles; Supervision by public opinions; ObjectAbstract: The rapid development of internet media makes internet media itself play a big role in national politics and change social culture profoundly....
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Vol. 1, No. 1, January

Security through Anonymity: Protective Mechanism for RTI Activists
Keywords: Right to Information (RTI) act 2005, whistle blower, Security, anonymity.Abstract: In India, The Right to Information Act 2005 is a milestone in the rights of citizens. It promotes accountability and transparency in government functioning....
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London Does Not Belong to Me a Novel about Negotiations
Keywords: Negotiation, Triangle love, Alienation, sexuality,Abstract: The ongoing research is an almost deep attempt to illustrate the ability of considering the mentioned novel as a novel of negotiation. It is go in to be shown that how the characters...
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Analysis on Countermeasure to Chinese Juvenile Delinquency Induced by Internet
Keywords: Chinese juvenile delinquency; induced by internet; definition; representation; countermeasureAbstract: Associating juvenile delinquency with internet crime and crime induced by internet and especially probing into problem of juvenile delinquency...
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Effective Industrial Discipline
Keywords: Accepted Discipline, Code of Discipline, Effective Discipline, Grievance- Interview, Imposed DisciplineAbstract: This paper emphasizes to the practice of good management at the first-line level. Discipline is the key to success. The role of...
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New Books Recommendation
Approaches to MetaphysicsAuthors: HTUTUSweet, William (EDT)UTHPublisher: Kluwer Academic PubISBN: 9781402021817Today, when systematic philosophy - and reason i tself - are challenged both outside of and within philosophy, is it still possible to do metaphysics?...
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Vol. 1, No. 1, October

Efficient Communication for Effective Supervisors
Keywords: Face-to-face Communication, Mass Methods, Effective communication, Team- Briefing, Walking the jobAbstract: This paper emphasizes to the practice of good management at the first-line level. Too often such jobs have been given to those who are...
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Investigating Social Competency in the Filipino Context
Keywords: social competency, tertiary level faculty, state collegeAbstract: Social competency is generally defined as the ability to deal well with others. This study specifically investigated social competency in the Filipino context. To be able to...
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Mochismo in Marquez's Chronicle of A Death Foretold
Keywords: machismo, macho, manhoodAbstract: This paper aims to explore the issue of machismo as a Latin American definition__ entered to literature__ in the novel of chronicle of a death Foretold written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Basically, having strength...
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What Are Scientists in Africa Doing: A Quantitative Analysis from the Perspective of Academic Papers?
Keywords: Academic papers, Bibliographic databases, African scientists, Quantitative analysisAbstract: The fast growth of academic papers by African scientists makes it difficult for researchers to keep track of the research trends on unfamiliar topics....
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