Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review

Articles from Vol. 29, No. 1, January

Feminisation of Gender Budgeting: An Uphill Task for Zimbabwe
Abstract:This paper analyses gender budgeting initiatives in Zimbabwe from 2008 when the Gender Budget Circular Call mandating all ministries to mainstream gender in their programmes and budgets came into effect. In order to analyse national budgets...
"Nigiina "S as Coping Mechanisms of Peri-Urban Low-Income Mothers in Kampala, Uganda
Abstract:Low-income mothers face a number of challenges that evolve around poverty, isolation, powerlessness, and vulnerability. The main objective of this study was to examine the contributions of nigiina associations, which are informal gift giving...
The Influence of Organisational Culture and Job Satisfaction on Intentions to Leave: The Case of Clay Brick Manufacturing Company in Lesotho
Abstract:Employee turnover or retention has dominated the research agenda and attracted practitioners' attention for decades. Previous research has, however, suffered from lack of macro perspective in understanding employee turnover in organizations....
The Panacea and Perfidy of Cultural Rites of Circumcision in African Countries: Examples from Kenya, Botswana and South Africa
Abstract:Cultural rites can be a panacea when the immense social capital embedded in them is taken stock of as well as they can be a perfidy when all the retrogressive aspects they constitute are taken into consideration. The aim and objective of this...
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