INSS Strategic Perspectives


No. 32, July

Five Conundrums: The United States and the Conflict in Syria
IntroductionFor 8 years, two U.S. administrations, the United Nations (UN), and numerous foreign governments have pursued the elusive goal of resolving the calamitous conflict in Syria. The highly contested and violent politics underlying the conflict,...
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No. 31, May

Finding Ender: Exploring the Intersections of Creativity, Innovation, and Talent Management in the U.S. Armed Forces
IntroductionThe creativity and talent of the American warfighter is our greatest enduring strength, and one we do not take for granted.1-Summary of the 2018 National Defense StrategyOrganizations don't innovate-people do.2-Robert B. Rosenfeld, Gary J....
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No. 30, March

El Salvador's Recognition of the People's Republic of China: A Regional Context
Introduction1The People's Republic of China (PRC) pays increasing attention to the Latin America region as a whole, and to Central America in particular, as part of the new global competition in which China "seeks to pull the region into its orbit through...
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No. 29, March

Russian Challenges from Now into the Next Generation: A Geostrategic Primer
IntroductionIn recent years, Russia has dramatically reasserted itself on the global stage, highlighting unresolved tensions with the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that have grown increasingly complex and tense. Despite...
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No. 27, January

Between Russia and Iran: Room to Pursue American Interests in Syria
Executive SummaryPresident Donald Trump has underscored containing Iran's sway as a key element in establishing a "strong and lasting footprint" in Syria as the United States moves toward bringing its Soldiers home. In pursuing this key American objective,...
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No. 28, January

A Strategic Overview of Latin America: Identifying New Convergence Centers, Forgotten Territories, and Vital Hubs for Transnational Organized Crime
IntroductionNew centers of convergence in Latin America, often on the periphery of the main geographic and thematic policy discussions, represent an ongoing and growing challenge to the security of the United States and the survival of democratic governments...
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No. 26, August

Asia and the Trump Administration: Challenges, Opportunities, and a Road Ahead
Executive SummaryThe Asia-Pacific region is of exponentially increasing importance to the United States. Developments there affect vital U.S. economic, security, and political interests. Unfettered access to the region is a strategic imperative to allow...
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