International Journal of Business and Information


Vol. 8, No. 2, December

Internet Banking Non-Users: Thematic Matrix Display Analysis
ABSTRACTThis study investigates themes that impact the non-adoption of internet banking by consumers in Australia. Qualitative data from a cross-sectional mall intercept survey of 311 non-users of internet banking in the Western Sydney region revealed...
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Consumers as Resellers: Exploring the Entrepreneurial Mind of North American Consumers Reselling Online
ABSTRACTThe use of the internet has dramatically changed not only the way consumers buy products, but also the way consumers resell products by allowing them to reach an international customer base that rivals that of the largest retailers. With the...
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Effects of Scale Orientations, Scale Formats, and Background Display Styles on Thai High School Students' Bar Graph Visualization
ABSTRACTA bar graph is a well-known quantitative presentation technique, but research is rare in the Thai context regarding the effects of scale orientations (vertical or horizontal), scale formats (conventional or unconventional), and styles of background...
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Culinary Tourism and Night Markets in Taiwan
ABSTRACTThis study investigated the culinary landscape of Taiwan by examining three of its most popular night markets with regard to three factors: (1) the role that food plays in the activities of foreign visitors traveling to their destinations; (2)...
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Workplace Spirituality and Earnings Management Motivations
ABSTRACTThe paper examines the influence of aspects of two aspects of workplace spirituality on earnings management motivations. The aspects are (1) spiritual awakening on the individual level; and (2) organizational spirituality at the organizational...
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Core Competences, Supply Chain Partners' Knowledge-Sharing, and Innovation: An Empirical Study of the Manufacturing Industry in Taiwan
ABSTRACTOne of the most significant changes in the paradigm of business management is the fact that individual businesses no longer compete as solely autonomous entities, but rather as partners in supply chains. Supply chain integration has been elevated...
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Vol. 8, No. 1, June

Structural Analysis of "National Brand vs. Store Brand" with Stochastic Demands
ABSTRACTRecently, the entry of store brands (SBs) against national brands (NBs) has been drawing much attention from researchers and practitioners, since SBs may structurally change how market players compete. Although there is an extensive literature...
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Cyber-Bullying among University Students: An Empirical Investigation from the Social Cognitive Perspective
ABSTRACTRising incidents of, and tragedies from, cyber-bullying have alerted researchers, educators, government officials, and parents to the severe consequences of this new form of bullying. Existing research on cyber-bullying is mostly conducted without...
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Is Cross-Cultural Management the Key to Success in Global Healthcare Competition?
ABSTRACTGlobal competition adds yet another complex dimension to the success of a healthcare organization in an industry that is already competitive in its own right. This study focuses on a major healthcare organization in Thailand, its expansion in...
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The Revised Technology Acceptance Model and the Impact of Individual Differences in Assessing Internet Banking Use in Taiwan
ABSTRACTThe literature on Internet banking indicates that many researchers have been studying the determinant factors relating to a user's acceptance or adoption behavior using the technology acceptance model. Little attention has been given, however,...
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Adoption of Instant Messaging by Travel Agency Workers in Taiwan: Integrating Technology Readiness with the Theory of Planned Behavior
ABSTRACTInstant messaging (IM) applications are beginning to move into the tourism workplace. This paper analyzes the range of influences affecting the adoption of IM by customer service representatives in Taiwan travel agencies. Variables were found...
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Investigating Relational Selling Behaviors, Relationship Quality, and Customer Loyalty in the Medical Device Industry in Taiwan
ABSTRACTThis study examines how relational selling behavior and expertise affect customer satisfaction, trust of relationship quality, and customer loyalty in the medical device industry in Taiwan using constructs that are usually investigated separately....
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Vol. 7, No. 2, December

Capital Structure and Investment Behavior of Listed Companies in Vietnam: An Estimation of the Influence of Government Ownership
ABSTRACTThis study investigates the capital structure and investment activities of listed companies on the Hanoi Securities Exchange and the Ho Chi Minh Securities Exchange in Vietnam. Estimation analysis using panel data covering the four-year period...
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An Exploratory Study of the Performance of Microfinancing Institutions Using the Balanced Scorecard Approach
ABSTRACTMore than 3,000 microfinancing institutions (MFIs) in developing countries provide financial assistance to the needy poor who are denied access to institutional credit from other sources. This study's motivation comes from the importance of MFIs...
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Examining the Role of Knowledge Transfer Effect as a Mediator Variable among Impact Factors in Knowledge Innovation
ABSTRACTTo discover the factors that affect organizational outcome of knowledge innovation, the authors explore the relationship among the "knowledge transfer approach," "active knowledge transfer," "knowledge transfer effect," and "knowledge innovation."...
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Learning from Schematic Visuals of Financial Ratios1
ABSTRACTThis study examines whether stakeholders of financial data will accept a schematic big-picture visual of financial ratios and whether they think this type of visual will increase their learning performance. A schematic big- picture visual was...
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Vol. 7, No. 1, June

An Empirical Exploration of the New Product Process Proficiency-New Product Success Relationship
ABSTRACTThis study explores the relationship between new product market success and the proficiency with which various stages, as opposed to individual activities, of the new product development (NPD) process are performed. Therefore, this research addresses...
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The Effect of Project Environment on the Relationship between Knowledge Sharing and Team Creativity in the Software Development Context
ABSTRACTCreativity is an important element of information systems development and is essential for successful software development. The creative work involved in software development is similar to knowledge sharing (KS), which is fundamental to the development...
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What Drives Cyber Shop Brand Equity? an Empirical Evaluation of Online Shopping System Benefit with Brand Experience
ABSTRACTThe purpose of this research is to determine whether online brand purchasing system benefit can influence the consumer's brand experience, and how brand experience can affect brand equity. The four antecedent constructs of the Unified Theory...
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Prediction of Stock Performance in the Indian Stock Market Using Logistic Regression
ABSTRACTThe authors use logistic regression (LR) and various financial ratios as independent variables to investigate indicators that significantly affect the performance of stocks actively traded on the Indian stock market. The study sample consists...
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