Journal of Ethnic American Literature


No. 8, 2018

Review of Angela Ball's Talking Pillow
Review of Angela Ball's Talking Pillow Angela Ball. Talking Pillow. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2017. ISBN 978-0-8229-6515-2. Pp. 60, $15.95 (paper).My thoughts on Angela Ball's work have been irrevocably tainted by my exposure to her person, her...
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No. 7, 2017

"My Grandmothers Were.Full of Sturdiness and Singing": Margaret Walker's Literary Portrayal of Working Class Women
When Robert Harling wrote the play Steel Magnolias for his sister in 1987, he surely had the impenetrable strength fused with the delicate femininity of Southern women in mind. What he may not have had in mind was Margaret Walker's poem "Lineage" from...
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"Where Pepita Be": Confronting Gendered Erasure in Gwendolyn Brooks's in the Mecca
SUDDENLY, COUNTING NOSES, MRS. SALLIE SEES NO PEPITA. "WHERE PEPITA BE?"...our Woman with her terrible eye,with iron and feathers in her feet,with all her songs so lemon-sweet,with lightning and a candle tooand junk and jewels too?My heart begins to...
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Invocations and Evocations: The Griotic Legacy of Margaret Walker and Gwendolyn Brooks on Carolyn Rodgers and Sonia Sanchez
blackness stern and blunt and beautiful,organ-rich blackness telling a terrible story.-Gwendolyn Brooks, In the MeccaIn her interview with Mari Evans, Carolyn Rodgers reveals that Gwendolyn Brooks had a "major influence" on her career both through the...
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Introduction: Walker, Brooks and the Ends of Humanism
Many notable changes are occurring in contemporary literary and cultural studies, and the emergence of Digital Humanities (DH) is gradually altering our thinking about why we study and teach literature and what our projects, choices of methods and methodologies,...
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