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Mapping the Tourism Entrepreneurial Process: A Sampling from Connecticut, USA
Introduction"Entrepreneurship is an infinitely renewable resource " Schramm, C.J., 2006A community with a thriving tourist industry enjoys a measurable degree of socioeconomic vibrancy: earning of real income, generation of tax revenue, capital investments,...
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The No Shows in Rent a Car Industry. the Case of Argentina
IntroductionThe process of globalization and the technology advance became in vital factors to organize the labour as well as the current guidelines of consumption in the international tourist destinations. The contribution of ICT s (information and...
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Greek Tourism Secret Recipe: Is Exchange Rate the Main Ingredient?
(ProQuest: ... denotes formulae omitted.)IntroductionGlobalization and Knowledge economy had affected the world path of business and exchange of goods. These concepts have resulted in an amendment of communication, knowledge share and cultural mix (Brown...
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Appeals in Destination Promotion: A Comparison between Tour Operators' E-Catalogues and the Official Website of Turkish NTO
IntroductionIn an increasingly globalizing world, the issue of international advertising has become more and more important for National Tourism Organizations (NTOs), as well as for other intermediaries, to promote their services to consumers (Tai and...
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Vol. 13, No. 1/2, Spring

Quality of Work Life in Tourism - Implications for Competitive Advantage of the Tourism Industry
AbstractTourism is an extremely labour intensive and high-contact industry. Competing effectively with rival organizations requires not only a sufficient number of employees but first of all employees equipped with appropriate competencies. Nowadays...
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Information Management and Business Performance in the Hotel Industry: Effects of Innovations
AbstractThe main purpose of this study is to determine whether "innovation management" has mediating effect in the relationship between knowledge management and business performance. In the framework of this purpose, the five-star hotel enterprises functioning...
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Human Resources Involvement in Adapting Total Quality Management: The Case of 4 and 5 Star City Hotels in Athens
AbstractThe objective of this paper is to examine the extent and special characteristics of the involvement of human resources, working in 4 and 5 star hotels, in adapting Total Quality Management. The research, which was conducted in hotels located...
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Agro-Tourism in North-Central Nigeria: Perceptions, Performance, Problems, and Prospects
AbstractAgrotourism is gaining increasing worldwide recognition as a veritable opportunity for enhancing rural household incomes, economy, and aggregate national development. Developing countries in need of avenues to escape poverty for majority of their...
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The Art of Corporate Reputation Management in Accommodation Businesses
AbstractUnder conditions of intensive competition, businesses emphasize more on an intangible value of reputation for achieving their aims. Businesses, wanting to have a strong reputation by producing products and services, reliability, transparency,...
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A Research on the Implementation of Local Agenda 21 in the Case of Tourism
AbstractIt is supported that local agenda-21 (LA-21) applications will bring a dynamic structure in tourism because the establishment of city councils by civil societies and other partners under the leadership of local governments is its main propose...
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Segmenting the Tourism Market by Volume of Expenditure: The Case of Mainland Chinese Visitors to Macao
AbstractRapid tourism development is associated with both positive and negative impacts on the host destination. Tourism researchers are increasingly utilizing market segmentation by expenditure to identify high spending visitor groups which can then...
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Place Image during Transition: The Case of Rijeka, Croatia
AbstractMedium sized cities and cities in transition from industrial to post-industrial economies have sought to capitalize on changing travel patterns as tourists take more frequent trips of shorter duration. However, to attract tourists, these cities...
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Cultures of Adhocracy, Clan, Hierarchy and Market and Innovation Performance: A Case of Hotels in Turkey
AbstractInnovation is discussed as a critical element in the success of an organization but if an organization's culture does not support innovation it is unlikely to occur. So, it is very important for business to make the culture compatible with innovation....
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Insight and the Travel Experience: An Exploration into the Contributions of Liminality
AbstractInsight is often described as the sudden solution to a problem that has been unsolvable for some time. In modern society, people are seeking answers to questions about lifestyle, freedom and happiness. It has been suggested that the travel experience...
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Partial Least Squares Path Modelling (PLSPM): A New Direction for Research in Tourism and Hospitality
AbstractThe use of partial least squares path modelling (PLSPM) has escalated in the areas of marketing, management, information systems, and organizational behaviour. Researchers in tourism and hospitality have to date been reluctant to use this approach,...
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Tourism Life Cycle of Spas from the Hungarian - Romanian Crossborder Area. A Comparative Analysis of the Hajduszoboszlo-Baile Felix/1 Mai Spas
AbstractThe study aims, based on Butler's (2006) concept referring to tourism area life cycle, to define on which stage (exploration, involvement, development, consolidation, stagnation, decline or rejuvenation) the polarizing spas from the Hajdu-Bihar...
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Vol. 12, No. 2, 2012

The Impact of Social Shopping and Customization Support on Students' Intentions to Purchase Online Travel
AbstractThis paper investigates how e-Business can benefit from serving students with social decision and service customization support. We test whether the social richness of online shopping in pairs, connected by screen sharing technology, contributes...
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Relationship among Organizational Deviance Behavior, Perception of Organizational Support and Job Quit Intention: Research on Hotel Establishments
AbstractThe study aims to reveal the relationship among organizational deviance behavior of employees in hotel establishments, the dimensions of the perception of organizational support, and job quit intention. For this purpose, some 167 questionnaires...
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Student-Worker's Job Satisfaction and Retention in On-Campus Hotel: An Interpretative Inquiry Case
AbstractThe study attempted to identify factors that influenced a student employee's decision to continue employment with an on-campus lodging facility applying a rarely used interpretative inquiry approach. The researchers chronicled the experiences...
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Competitiveness of a Post-Conflict Tourist Destination-Case of Montenegro
AbstractMontenegro as a typical post-conflict tourist destination was studied in the context of an integrated model of destination competitiveness. Experts on the supply-side compared the performances of individual competitiveness indicators to the group...
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Ecology and Tourism: A View from South America
AbstractLatin America corresponds with a green reservoir for humankind. Its natural resources and landscapes not only received annually thousand of tourists, but also created in last years a great dependency of tourism industry. It is unfortunate, while...
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Epistemology of Tourism
AbstractThe scientificization of tourism have concerned to many scholars in the last decades. The growing number of books, journals, doctoral thesis and papers in general make for some to coincide tourism has been reached as state of maturity in the...
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Information Needs, Information Sources and Information Search Strategies of International Air Travellers in Nigeria
AbstractThis study examined the information needs, sources and search strategies of international travellers in Nigeria within the backdrop of unfavourable events in the aviation sector in the past ten years. Accidental sampling technique was used to...
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Vol. 12, No. 1, 2012

Guest Editorial: New Perspectives in Destination Management
Today's environment of intense competition is affecting destinations as they are striving to develop themselves as attractive places for tourism and differentiate themselves from competing alternatives. In this endeavour, destinations are faced with...
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A Paradigm Shift from Tourism Destination Management to Democratic Governance of Place Branding
AbstractConsequent to the adoption of new technologies, the paradigms change in our society, the current debt-crisis and the resource scarcity, destination management organizations (DMO) model has become obsolete and unable to support the shift in the...
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Collaborative Destination Management Planning: A Case Study of Byron Bay, Australia
AbstractTourism planning without a comprehensive consultation process is likely to reduce the effectiveness of the process. However, a comprehensive consultation process may not necessarily ensure effective outcomes if substantial differences exist between...
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Predicting Repeat and Total Visits to a Destination Using Simulation Modeling through Time
AbstractPrevious literature has shown that important variations exist over time regarding the extent to which visitors make return trips to tourist destinations. This paper provides an analytical framework to account for time discrepancies in behavior...
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Measurement Tourism Performance of Urban Destinations
AbstractMeasuring performance and competitiveness of a destination has become a topic with increasing attention nowadays. The reasons are multiple. Revenues generated by tourism industry push the filed in the top of market opportunities. Tourism efficiency...
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Factors That Influence Tourist Satisfaction
AbstractThe current study investigates factors that influence tourist satisfaction. The research framework was constructed based on the extensive literature review to establish the hypothesis. The questionnaire was designed and included a total of eight...
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