SA Journal of Industrial Psychology


Vol. 45, 2019

Do Wage and Wage Satisfaction Compensate for the Effects of a Dissatisfying Job on Life Satisfaction?
IntroductionSubjective well-being captures an individual’s subjective assessment of his or her own life (Diener & Seligman, 2004). Such assessment includes satisfaction with one’s life, satisfaction with specific domains of one’s life (e.g. one’s...
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A Critical Reflection on the Psychology of Retention
IntroductionFor more than a century both researchers and employers have been interested in understanding the reasons as to why employees leave their organisations (Eberle, 1919; Heffernan & Rochford, 2017). Fisher (1916), one of the first researchers...
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Strengths Use, Deficit Correction, Thriving and Performance of Academics at Universities of Technology
IntroductionIndividuals have an inherent drive for self-improvement and growth (Ryan & Deci, 2017). This drive can expose people to situational demands that might overwhelm them so that they either struggle and give in or survive. Alternatively,...
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Minorities’ Experiences of Office Gossip
IntroductionThink gossip, think negative outcome! However, not all gossip is negative. Most religious scriptures and society do not sanction negative gossip. Nevertheless, because of its pervasive nature, individuals constantly engage in some form of...
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Mental Health Research in African Organisations: Advancing Theory and Practice
It gives me immense pleasure to introduce this special issue, entitled ‘Mental health research in African organisations: Advancing theory and practice’, and to have acted as a guest editor. This is a project I view as being borne out three necessities...
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Reducing Our Dependence on Null Hypothesis Testing: A Key to Enhance the Reproducibility and Credibility of Our Science
IntroductionThere are many indications that several sciences, including psychology, have a reproducibility crisis in their hands (Ioannidis, 2005; McNutt, 2014; Pashler & Wagenmakers, 2012). Peer-reviewed research that is published in highly reputable...
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On the Future of South African Journal of Industrial Psychology
IntroductionQuantitative research in industrial and organisational psychology (IOP) has developed impressively over the last few years especially in terms of the application of extremely technical and complex statistical analysis (Efendic & Van Zyl,...
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The Replicability Crisis as Chance for Psychological Research and South African Journal of Industrial Psychology
In this article, I will focus on and explain how the current replicability crisis in psychology can also be a chance for psychological research and, further, how it can be converted into a chance for the South African Journal of Industrial Psychology...
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Avoiding the Elephant in the Room: The Real Reasons Behind Our Research Crisis
IntroductionEfendic and Van Zyl (2019) presented an extensive case for introducing open science practices and methodological improvements for addressing recent concerns about the apparent failing scientific rigour in Industrial and Organisational Psychology...
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Burning the Straw Man: What Exactly Is Psychological Science?
Although Efendic and Van Zyl (2019) and others make a good case for focusing on open access, transparency and standards for the empirical research process – suggestions one can fully support (Shrout & Rodgers, 2018) – the replication/reproducibility...
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