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Vol. 18, 2015

Ethnic Awakening among Russian Israelis of the 1.5 Generation: Physical and Symbolic Dimensions of Their Belonging and Protest
Over the last decade, a new voice has entered the Israeli political and social discourse, belonging to the so-called Generation1.5 of the former Soviet immigrant wave of the 1990s and early 2000s (Remennick, 2003). These young adults (today around 25-40...
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Vol. 17, 2012

Jewish Education and Jewish Continuity: Lessons and Challenges
This Special Issue of Sociological Papers brings together a variety of research papers and essays written by academics and activists involved in the broad range of Jewish educational and community projects in the US, Australia, Israel, and Russia. Most...
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Leaving Home Together: The Impact of Travel in Jewish Peoplehood Education for Israeli and American Teens1
AbstractThe connection between Jews in Israel and the United States is being reshaped by unprecedented global population movement concomitant with almost universal access to transnational communications. An emerging educational paradigm focuses on transnational...
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What Happens on the Bus? How Community Impacts Jewish Engagement on Taglit-Birthright Israel
AbstractTaglit-Birthright Israel motivates participants "to explore their Jewish identity through a peer educational experience of historic and contemporary Israel" and attempts to strengthen relationships among young Jews in the Diaspora and Israel...
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The Israeli School as a Venue of Socialization for Israeli-American Children
AbstractBased on the ethnographic case study of the Israeli School in Lexington, MA, the authors discuss the role of formal and informal venues of transferring the Israeli identity from immigrant parents to their American-raised children. The analytical...
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Revisiting "The Non-Linear Impact of Schooling": A First Step toward a Necessary Corrective
AbstractHarold Himmelfarb's research in the 1970s yielded estimates of average hours per year of Judaic instruction offered by Jewish day schools and supplementary schools in North America that have since been used by quantitative researchers to model...
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All Is Not in the Family: Thoughts on 'Integration' of Russian Jews and Other Jewish Ethnic Groups in the US1
AbstractThis article analyzes active sources of continuing misalignment between the Jewish mainstream and the Israeli, Iranian and Russian-speaking Jewish colonies in America. These demographics maintain and enlarge their linguistic, cultural, religious...
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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programs and Jewish Identities: An Australian Case Study
AbstractThis article considers and compares the aims, content and methods of five diverse Bar and Bat-Mitzvah programs in Melbourne, Australia. The research is contextualized with data about the Australian Jewish community. The article considers the...
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Israeli and Diaspora Students Travel to the Holocaust Sites in Poland: The Impact on the Perceptions of the Holocaust, Jewish Identity, and Israel-Diaspora Ties
AbstractThe Ministry of Education encourages Israeli students to visit sites of historic Jewish communities in Poland and the sites of Nazi death camps. The trip is designed to reinforce the youngsters' sense of belonging to the Jewish people, their...
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Academic Jewish Studies and Secular Jewish Identity in Post-Soviet Russia and the FSU
AbstractThis essay examines the role of informal educational programs in the area of Jewish studies at the Sefer Center ( for the gradual emergence of the community of young Russian intellectuals united by their common interest in the Jewish...
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Jewish Education and Its Outcomes: Knowledge and Interests among Jewish Summer Camp Participants in the Former Soviet Union
AbstractThe current research is based on two surveys conducted in 2011 and 2012 at nine youth camps organized for high school students' education and recreation by the Jewish Agency for Israel in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. Among the campers...
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Could a Facebook Group Provide a New Model for Jewish Education?1
At five o'clock one morning last February, in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia, Ken Gordon and Yechiel Hoffman realized the time was ripe for a bottom-led overhaul of Jewish education.The two were guests at the North...
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