Teaching Journalism & Mass Communication


Vol. 9, No. 2, 2019

Redefining Doctoral Education: Preparing Future Faculty to Lead Emerging Media Curriculum
IntroductionDoctoral education is the cornerstone of academic life. It not only prepares future faculty for a career in scholarship in its respective disciplines, but it generally serves as the training mechanism for those who will teach. "Research is...
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Factors in Leadership Development for Communication Students in Co-Curricular Organizations
IntroductionFrom as early as elementary school age, developing leaders is a common slogan and part of many academic mission statements. Throughout middle school and high school, students are often told they will be tomorrow's problem solvers, decision...
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Virtues in Public Relations Education
Virtue Education, Echo Chambers, and Public Relations EducationThe rise of uncivil communication and polarizing dialogue via social media is a growing focus for scholars (Bacile et al., 2018; Kim & Hwang, 2018; Su et al., 2018; Theunissen, 2019)....
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Textbook for Navigating Today's Journalism
Textbook for Navigating Today's Journalism Lorrie Lynch, Exploring Journalism and the Media. Cengage, 2013.Teaching modern-day journalism is a difficult task. In the midst of of profound technological and sociological change, the media landscape continues...
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Small Campus Depiction Is Spot On
Small Campus Depiction is Spot On by Richard Russo, Straight Man. Random House, 2007.An attempted coup against a department chair, male professors running around with their female undergrads, faculty members jockeying to see who will be the next dean,...
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Collaborative Journalism Project: Learning Hard and Soft Skills
IntroductionDepending on the story, reporters either research and write stories on their own or in collaboration with other journalists from their publication or other media outlets (Dailey et. al, 2010). In journalism school, it is common for college...
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Experimenting with Experiential Internships: Using Iteration and Feedback in Digital and Social Media
As part of a five-year National Science Foundation-funded project at the University of New Mexico to recruit, retain and promote women and minority STEM faculty, a group of investigators is working to diversify STEM job candidate pools and prepare faculty...
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Using Online Tutorials to Teach Podcasting
Students enter the classroom with different levels of experience. Some have never used a particular software application and others are already certified. This makes it challenging to do technical training during class time and keep everyone engaged....
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