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Vol. 26, Winter

American Taboo: The Forbidden Words, Unspoken Rules, and Secret Morality of Popular Culture
American Taboo: The Forbidden Words, Unspoken Rules, and Secret Morality of Popular Culture By Lauren Rosewarne Rosewarne, L. American Taboo: The Forbidden Words, Unspoken Rules, and Secret Morality of Popular Culture. Santa Barbara, California: Praeger,...
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Editor’s Note
I'd like to begin by introducing myself to readers of the Great Plains Sociologist. My name is Laura Colmenero-Chilberg. I am a Professor of Sociology at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD. I've been involved with the Great Plains Sociological...
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Understanding the Importance of Leadership in Rural Communities
INTRODUCTIONIt has been argued that leadership is a critical element for the success of collective action in terms of community and economic development (Luther and Wall, 1998; Bell and Evert, 1997; Flora and Flora, 1993). Efforts to improve a location's...
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Mixed Feelings: Identity Development of Biracial People
In an era that has seen both the election of a Biracial president and the introduction of a Multiracial designation in the census, there is little argument concerning the paradigm shift regarding race in society. Within this landscape, Multiracial persons...
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Bureaucracy, Demography, and Midwest Sociology
For decades, sociologists and others have warned against an "invasion" of corporate influences into colleges and universities (for example, Duggar 1974). The invasion ranges from hiring corporate executives with no educational experience into the highest...
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Assigned: Life with Gender
Assigned: Life with Gender Edited by Lisa Wade with Douglas Hartmann and Christopher Uggen Wade, Lisa (Editor) with Douglas Hartmann and Christopher Uggen (Series Editors). Assigned: Life with Gender (The Society Pages). New York: W.W. Norton & Company,...
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Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City
Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City By Matthew Desmond Desmond, M. Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City. New York: Crown Publishers, 2016. 432 pp. $28.00 paperback.Reviewed by Alen FejzicIn his most recent book, Evicted: Poverty...
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Vol. 25, 2015

Perceptions of the Research Climate in Universities and National Research Institutes: The Role of Gender and Bureaucracy in Three Low-Income Countries
Research on scientific careers generally indicates that women and men have disparate experiences and follow separate, often unequal career paths (Fox 2010; Fox and Mohapatra 2007; Xie and Shauman 2003). This conclusion is typically gaged through aggregated...
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Human Development and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa
In approximately three decades since the emergence of HIV/AIDS as a major health crisis, the disease has had a devastating impact in many parts of the world, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, which remains by far the worst affected region. Although the...
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Vol. 24, 2014

Society and the Individual: A Theoretical Exploration of the Contemporary Era
If asked to give a simple explanation to the field of sociology, one could say it is the study of the relationship between individuals and society. This deceivingly simple axiom becomes increasingly complicated as one tries to understand just how the...
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Using Humor with Dying and Bereaved Children
Both adults and children may suffer from complicated grief. Strategies that are effective for adults often do not work as well for children. Individuals suffering from complicated grief typically feel overwhelmed, unable to adapt, engage in behavior...
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A Graphic Representation of the Minnesota Dakota Diaspora
In the 1800s, the Sioux, a loose alliance of tribes living in the upper Great Plains, had divided into three main sub-divisions. The Dakota (also known as Isanti) were to the east in what is now Minnesota, the Nakota (or the Yankton-Yanktonai) were in...
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"It's Just a Girl Thing"; the Feminization of Work Groups and the Effect of Numerical Composition on Group Hierarchy
Recent research finds that women are outperforming men on a variety of educational measures, particularly in the realm of higher education. According to a study from the American Council of Education, 57% of students enrolled on college and university...
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Vol. 23, 2013

Hearing Social Structure: A Musical Exercise in Teaching Introduction to Sociology
Abstract This article details employing music as a pedagogical tool to enable introductory students to relate personal experiences to larger social structures such as class, race, and gender through a creative yet rigorous exercise. The authors review...
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Quality of Life in Nursing Homes: A Theoretical and Empirical Review
Abstract Quality of life is a complex and multi-dimensional notion which individuals and their families try to attain. This paper provides an overview of quality of life literature guided by Lawton's (1983: 351) "Four Sectors of the Good Life"." This...
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A Comparative Approach to Promotional Methods for Seasonal Influenza Immunizations to Dorm Dwelling College Freshmen
Abstract Introduction: Comparing tailored e-mail messaging to mailed postcards promoting seasonal influenza immunizations for dorm dwelling college freshmen is important for early health prevention and promotion. Dorm dwelling college students are particularly...
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