The Journal of Political Science


Vol. 30, 2012

Iran's Foreign Policy: Toward a Constructivist Perspective
Abstract:This paper tries to analyze Iranian foreign policy based on Holistic Constructivism. The article argues that holistic constructivism is considered the most applicable theory for explaining Iranian foreign policy. This approach helps us to answer...
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Pak-Us Hookup in Afghanistan: A Blame Game to End the Game?
Abstract:Pakistan has experienced US policy towards her shifting from that of a most allied ally to that of utter negligence and even that of hostility. A diverse and variegated spectrum of ostensible explanations exists for inconsistence, confusion,...
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Position of Pakistani Women in 21st Century: A Long Way to Go
Abstract:Since the independence of Pakistan, womenfolk have been feeing exploitative treatment. Socio-cultural, religious, political, and economic factors have kept them at receiving end. By and large, they have been deprived of the rights granted by...
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Executive and Sovereign Immunity for Heads of States
Abstract:Over the course of the past few decades, creative government lawyers asserted a variety of privileges and immunities to shield highest executive officials, especially head of the state, from both criminal and civil proceedings. Underlying principle...
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Anti-Corruption Campaign in Nigeria (1999-2007): The Politics of a Failed Reform (Leiden: African Studies Centre, 2012)
David U. Enweremadu, Anti-Corruption Campaign in Nigeria (1999-2007): The Politics of a Failed Reform (Leiden: African Studies Centre, 2012), xx, 198.There is no gainsaying the obvious fact that corruption is the bane of Nigeria's developmental challenges....
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