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Vol. 7, No. 1/2, June-December

Technology Supported Education for People with Disabilities
For most people, technology makes things easier.For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible.- Mary Pat RadabaughIn the present scenario, progress & prosperity of the society largely depends upon the acquisition of knowledge and...
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School Education and Use of ICT: A Case Study of an Urdu Medium School Located in Central Dist. of Delhi
Education is the key to emancipate human from any kinds of ignorance. In past times, countries who had been capable enough to maintain warheads considered as superpower.Conversely, today's society is knowledge society, now countries who are educationally...
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Computer Supported Collaborative Learning: An Introduction
Since, the very beginning of human society, collaboration has always been the basic nature as well as requirement to survive on this earth. This society itself is the result of the process of collaboration. Education has always played the crucial role...
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Issues and Challenges of Choice Based Credit System: Insights from University of Kashmir
Every major higher education institutions across the globe have implemented a system of credit which includes European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) in Europe's universities, and the 'National Qualifications Framework' in Australia. Also there is the...
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Big Data in Education and Learning Analytics
Due to increasing role of computers, the internet and digital data across many forms of human endeavor is the widespread uptake of the notion of "Big data." The term big data has gained prominence not only in academic and research activities but in public...
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Technologies for Smart Learning
Technology is everywhere and we depend on technology. Television, by which our mothers saw their favourite daily soaps, movies, news channels, sports etc. is the result of technology. We can talk to our friends, relatives, dear ones on mobile is again...
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Vol. 6, No. 2, December

Green IT and Computing: Tool for Sustainable Eco Systems- A Message for Healthy Sports Informatics Practice
Green Computing is actually using Computing and IT resources efficiently and in simple manner, Green Computing is nothing but the application of Green Technology and mechanism towards Green and Eco Friendly information system and technology building...
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A Study of Usage of ICT Resources by Teacher Educators in Classroom Practice
The use of computer and internet based technology can be seen all most everywhere, it is being used right from home to the government and commercial organisations. It has made a significant impact in almost all the dimensions of our day today life. It...
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Computers Assisted Instruction in Refining the Quality of Teaching and Learning
"The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers."Above said line by Sydney J. Harris appropriately depict that inventions of computers have brought a major technological change in our...
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Cloud Computing: Promoting Sharing of Resources among Educational Institutions
The era of technology has changed the way to impart education now days. Most of the developed as well as rapidly developing nations have now moved towards the innovative use of technology to make education less expensive and easily and equally accessible...
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Vol. 6, No. 1, June

Focus Group Discussion in Qualitative Research
Qualitative research is research understanding phenomenon, exploring issues and answering questions.It is a generic term for investigative methodologies described as ethnographic, naturalistic, anthropological, field, or participant observer research....
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Effect of Persistence on Academic Performance of Socially Advantaged and Disadvantaged Secondary Students
The concept of social disadvantage is a broad concept. Instead of merit and ability, in the brave new world of education revolution, those students considered disadvantaged will be placed at the head of the queue for tertiary entry. Children of disadvantaged...
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A Model of Critical Peer Feedback to Facilitate EFL Writing in Online Context
Feedback needs to be specific, appropriate, high quality, timely, accurate, constructive, outcomefocused, encouraging, positive, understandable and focused on what is done correctly and what needs to improve (Konold & Miller, 2005). Peer feedback...
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A Study of Academic Anxiety of Secondary School Students
Adolescence is a period of internal conflict, psychic disequilibrium and erratic behavior. Adolescents often lack in academic motivation and performance, as their attention is divided among a lot many things especially at creating an identity for themselves....
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Vol. 5, No. 1/2, June-December

Assessment of Basic Computer and Internet Skills among Students in Rural Areas of Prakasam District: A Study
Computer knowledge and internet skills are an important to the rural students to access the information of jobs, academic, business, teaching, agriculture etc to their development. The basic skills we required in the computers are MS Word, Excel and...
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Concerns of School in Nurturing Peace Education
Education has tremendous potential in inculcating the humane values as well as social values in a human being, since this world is packed with tensions and turbulences. Peace is not just the absence of war but the practice of love. Society where residents...
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Doubts over Efficacy of No Detention Policy for Quality in Education
India's flagship programme the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) for universalisation of elementary education has undoubtedly enhanced enrollment and retention rate of children in schools. But changing scenario around the globe, calls for urgent attention...
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Sahaja: The Pathway to the Attainment of Literacy and Numeracy Skill through Reinforcement
Consequent upon the conduct of a member of training programmes for the teachers and transfer of the training inputs to the real classroom situation, it was found that some students lag behind others in respect of learning achievements. Learning gaps...
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Situational Analysis of Street Children in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh: A Study
UNICEF and Government of India estimated that there are more than 400,000 street children are living in Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and remaining parts of India (UNICEF, 2005). UNICEF defines a street child as, "any girl or boy for...
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Vol. 4, No. 2, December

A Study to Reveal the Teachers' Perspective about the Classroom Processes and Provisions Related to Children with Dyslexia
One of the most fascinating and mysterious properties of brain is its capacity to learn, or its ability to change in response to experience and to retain that knowledge throughout an organism's lifetime. The ability to understand and use written language...
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Use of ICT in Teaching, Learning and Governance in Colleges
Education is the back bone of a nation. Education systems play a major role in the development of modern economics. ICT plays a vital role in imparting education in modern scenario. The way of imparting education in modern era has changes due to the...
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Curricular and Co-Curricular Dimensions of Environmental Education
The planet Earth is the abode of man, an intelligent creature of nature. It also houses other living creatures and non-living entities like air, water, oceans, and stars etc. Man influences and is influenced by all these creations of nature. In totality,...
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Vol. 4, No. 1, June

Motivational Factors and Teachers' Job Attitude with Respect to Herzberg Motivation-Hygiene Theory
Every person is motivated - about something. Whether it's home and family, a favorite sport, watching movies, or reading, something rings your chimes. The challenge at work is to create an environment in which people choose motivation at work. Motivating...
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Revisiting Integrated Science Education in Rural Southern Nigeria: Perspectives on Teacher's Job Status and Satisfaction
IntroductionPoor science education is a central issue facing the schools in the rural Southern Nigeria. This is mainly because of declining levels of human resources (science teachers) and other factors affecting their career and professional development....
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"ICT Based Education: A Paradigm Shift in India"
IntroductionInformation Technology (IT) is revolutionizing and changing almost all aspects of our daily life. Lot of computation and communication is happening around us through IT. The influences of IT revolution are also felt in our education system...
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A Comparative Study on the Teaching Competency between Novice and Veteran Teachers in the Teaching Learning Process of Secondary School of Bilaspur City Chhattisgarh
IntroductionEducation is a systematic process through which a child or an adult acquires knowledge, experience, skill and sound attitude. It makes an individual civilized, refined, cultured and educated. For a civilized and socialized society, education...
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Vol. 3, No. 1, June

Integration of ICT in Teacher Education for Enhancing Competency Based Teaching
IntroductionThe 21st Century Society is an entrepreneurial Society- A century of knowledge and century of mind. Knowledge explosion, communication revolution, technology advancement, application of science to all aspects of life and above all rising...
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Use of Educational Satellite in Teacher Education
IntroductionFor any nation, the level and quality of education is one of the most important parameters for development. In India, the total literacy has gone up over the years but the quality needs tremendous improvement. The synergy between education...
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Problems and Prospects of Teaching Integrated Science in Secondary Schools in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria
IntroductionTeachers, especially in developing countries, have long demanded to be given professional status. Before now it was like a dumping ground, where anyone who cannot get a desired job takes teaching as the last resort or means of income (Nemine,...
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Concept Mapping as an Effective Teaching Practice in Science in Education
IntroductionScience is an accumulated and systematized learning in general usage restricted to the natural phenomenon. Science is a cumulative and endless series of empirical observations, which result in the formation of concepts and theories, with...
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Parents Expectation of Classroom Teaching Practices
IntroductionIn order to facilitate a good understanding of the processes of creating a hypothesis and the hypothetical processes, it becomes important to enhance teaching process thereby accelerating learning. Good students might also face difficulties...
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Developing Concepts in Physics through Virtual Lab Experiment: An Effectiveness Study
IntroductionPhysics is one of the most fundamental natural sciences which involve the study of universal law and the behaviors and relationship among a wide range of physical concepts and phenomena. Experiments are the hallmark of Physics. Scientific...
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Instructional Television Utilization for the Enhancement of Cognitive Learning Skills: Implication for the Challenges in Science Education
IntroductionScience is the bedrock of technological development of a nation. To this end the Federal Government of Nigeria has continuously placed emphasis on the study of science and technology. In spite of the importance of science in national development,...
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Education Technology - A Blend of Product and Idea Technology
IntroductionTeaching-learning is a demanding job. Most people outside education probably think teachers spend most of their time teaching, but teachers are responsible for many tasks that have little to do with classroom instruction. Beyond planning...
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Language Learning through Media: Role of Radio
IntroductionThe teaching and learning of any language has to be made keeping in view that language is a social phenomenon. The language learning always has an underlying internal social function in the community. The same is true for English learning...
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Computer Attitude of Teachers in Relation to Their Level of Instruction
In recent years, ICT has rapidly acquired a pivotal position in every walk of life. And it true for education also. The question is whether this development has the same meaning and consequences for all teachers. It is an accepted fact that teachers...
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