Journal of New Zealand Literature


Vol. 37, No. 1, 2019

Janet Frame in Focus
Janet Frame in Focus Review of Janet Frame in Focus: Women Analyze the Works of the New Zealand Writer, edited by Josephine A. McQuail, McFarland, 2018.Janet Frame in Focus, a collection of ten essays on Frame's writings edited by Josephine McQuail of...
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Vol. 36, No. 1, 2018

Maternal Agency, Genre Mutation, and Political Critique in Fiona Kidman's True Stars
Fiona Kidman comes to dealing with the genre mutation in True Stars, and its adjunct feminist themes, having already under her belt four novels diverse in their forms, but each bearing the imprint of the impact of a reclaimed female subjectivity upon...
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Off-Road Literature
Review of Telling the Real Story: Genre and New Zealand Literature, by Erin Mercer (Wellington: Victoria University Press, 2017)In this panoptic study, Erin Mercer surveys the role genre has played in New Zealand literature, analysing the pervasive but...
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Vol. 35, No. 2, 2017

Affairs of the Tell-Tale Heart: Sargeson's Poe and the Horrors of Love
In 'An Affair of the Heart', Freddy Coleman describes his idyllic childhood summers spent at a bach, and his association with the Crawley family, who live in poverty. The story registers a division between the middle class emotional register of Freddy's...
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'Shot at and Slashed and Whacked': The Gothic Slaughterhouse in New Zealand Fiction
Critics such as Ian Conrich and Jennifer Lawn, among others, have identified various versions of the Gothic in New Zealand, locating dystopian representations of 'what lies beneath' in small town, urban, rural and domestic spaces.1 While these various...
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Mountain Gothic and Other Variants: Samuel Butler and M.K. Joseph
One problem about being a little land with no history1 is that it also means being a little land with no mystery. The Gothic by its very name is a literary visit to a mysterious, dark, and dangerous past. A nineteenth-century settler culture has no castles,...
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The title of this special issue - 'New Zealand Gothic' - should perhaps include a question mark since there has been some confusion over precisely what New Zealand Gothic looks like. Sam Neill successfully locates the Gothic in New Zealand film, with...
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Dear Thief: Anna Jackson's the Gas Leak
By 2004, writer Anna Jackson had established herself in New Zealand as the national doyenne of poetic domesticity. Her early work invites us into the inner rooms and private stories of her own house: she writes about herself and her real-life family...
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Memory and Misdirection in Mortal Fire
When Akanesi Mochrie, the heroine of Elizabeth Knox's Mortal Fire, goes exploring on a road trip through a fictional version of New Zealand, she finds herself riveted by a sublime landscape, a rock formation made of limestone that makes travellers breathe...
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Vol. 35, No. 1, 2017

Unreliable Narration and the Gothic Challenge to Social Realism in Sydney Bridge Upside Down
My purpose here is to offer an abbreviated account of my interest in David Ballantyne's 1968 novel, Sydney Bridge Upside Down. Although that interest is at heart narratological, I hope to suggest how such a theoretical angle can helpfully inform the...
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