Essays in French Literature and Culture


No. 56, October

Introduction: Aux "Mariannes Noires", la France Afropéenne
"Male an Fanm, séMale tout' fanm" Je n'ai plus envie d'accepter d'entendre "black " au lieu de noir, dans ce pays qui ignore l'approche sociale et sociologique de la race, et a méme honte de nous nommer, veut décider pour nous de la façon de nous nommer,...
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How to Be a PBD? the 61 Rules to Become a Perfect Black Doudou Woman
1. The second you wake up, thank God for always having been a good girl and ask the Devil never to bring you down.2. Now get up. Go to your mirror and see what needs to be tampered with.3. Take seven breaths before taking action.4. Take action by soaping...
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Mother, Daughter, Slave, (Re)sist(e)r? the Female Body in Antillean Visual Commemoration1
In the notoriously "masculinist" societies of Martinique and Guadeloupe, women have historically been marginalised in the social, political, and cultural spheres (Arnold, 1994, 5). This exclusion was first highlighted by critics such as James Arnold...
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Belleville Noir in Twenty-First Century Cinema: Adaptation and Innovation
"The city as a cradle of crime and a cauldron of negative energy is the inevitable setting for film noir".(Hirsch, 1981, 83)The Parisian quartier of Belleville has long provided an ideal setting for French roman and film noir. This article examines the...
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Memories of War on the Urban Fringe: The Great War and the Paris "Zone" during the Interwar Years1
IntroductionIn 1933, while strolling through the "zone" on the northern edge of Paris, the proletarian writer Eugene Dabit (1898-1936) was struck by its "nouvelles bicoques qui font souvenir du front" (Dabit, 1990, 32). This was not an isolated observation;...
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