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Vol. 28, No. 6, November/December

7915 Cameron StreetCentral Lake, MI 49622tel: 231-544-6090contact: Adam Spinniken, Marketing Manageremail: marketing@armorexpress.comwebsite: Express manufactures and distributes high-performance protective solutions for...
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The Software Fix
Managing every aspect of corrections entails a long list: documents, medical, offenders, facility, staff, rehabilitation, supervision and all the tasks and connections/integrations in between. Focusing on software can begin to improve the effectiveness...
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Analog vs. Digital
We've all seen grainy or blurred footage of a crime in the street or an incident in a correctional facility and wondered how on earth anyone could determine who the offender was and how a reasonable doubt could be concluded. Many jails have aging analog...
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Lake County Is Crafting Plan to Comply with Jan. 1 Deadline of a New Pretrial Release Program
Lake County, Indiana, is rushing to prepare for a statewide change in pretrial release policies that generally will require individuals accused of all but the worst crimes not be kept in jail for extended periods between their arrests and trials.Criminal...
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Commissary & Trust Fund Technologies
Commissary service is arguably one of the most important operations in a corrections facility. Having a trusted partner that offers desirable products, reliable technology and quick service can keep behind-the-scenes operations running smoothly for management....
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San Diego Hosting ACA's 2020 Winter Conference
CORRECTIONS officials and staff from all over the U.S. will be heading to sunny San Diego to hone their leadership skills, network with peers and see the latest cutting-edge technologies and services at the American Correctional Association's (ACA) Winter...
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Layers of Protection
ONE of the biggest misconcep-t i o n s - because COs aren't exactly in the limelight-is that their job isn't as dangerous as other law enforcement professionals, says Steve Murphy, product line director, with Armor Express, a manufacturer and distributor...
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Vol. 28, No. 5, September/October

Reentry Programs That Work
LAST year marked the 10th anniversary of the Second Chance Act. The bipartisan landmark legislation has provided funding to many communities that have embraced a change in criminal justice policy that highly regards successful reentry into the community.SCA...
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Opioid Epidemic Stategies
In early September OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma reached a tentative settlement with 22 state attorneys general and more than 2,000 cities and counties that sued the company over its role in the opioid crisis of the past two decades, reported the Washington...
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Elderly Inmates
As Dr. John May, Centurion's Chief Medical Officer, points out, "The simple fact is that many correctional facilities were built for young males and without consideration for ADA accommodations or long-term care placement and care for these individuals."...
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College of Dupage Helps Juveniles in Detention at Illinois Youth Center Earn College Credit
Six youth in secured care at Illinois Youth Center Warrenville began college this fall at College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn. Through a longstanding partnership with COD, the youth are enrolled in five credit hours of courses this semester with additional...
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The Software Advantage
TECHNOLOGY has improved every aspect of modern life by way of computers, robotics and even artificial intelligence. According to a recent Smithsonian magazine article, many companies already deploy this simulation of human intelligence by machine. For...
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ACFSA 2019 Shakes Things Up in Memphis
Just over 350 corrections professionals who serve in the prison food service industry recently convened in Memphis to check out the latest products, developments and best practices in delivering food service behind bars. This year, the Guest House at...
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Vol. 28, No. 4, July/August

Counter Drone Technology
Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), aka drones, are becoming more than a mere nuisance. Gatwick Airport near London, England, was "plunged into chaos" according to one report, when hundreds of flights were cancelled last December 18 to 21, following reports...
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Analog vs. Digital Security Cameras
Today IP cameras are much desired and the future for surveillance at high security prisons and jails. But with limited budgets, prison procurement staff may find it difficult to dispose of all the investment they made into their analog surveillance system.Similar...
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Escape Prevention: The Constant Battle
Inmates will exploit any weakness to escape. Escape prevention is a constant battle between inmates and correctional institutions and their officers. "Inmates are gaining access to new technology, constantly educating themselves on how to escape," says...
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Summer ACA Draws Crowds in Boston
Corrections administrators and staff from all over the country are meeting in Boston August 1-6 to investigate the latest in emerging technologies and hone their leadership skills at the American Correctional Association's (ACA's) 149th Congress of Correction...
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Major Drop in Jail Admissions in NYC
NYC jail admissions are down almost 50% since 2014, a major achievement for criminal justice reform, according to a July 15 article in the New York Daily News. The piece furthered: "The safest big city in the U.S. is on track to become the city with...
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44th Annual APPA Training Institute to Be Held August 18-21
The 44th Annual American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) conference to be held August 18-21 in San Francisco will host workshops, intensive sessions, guest speakers, and a Resource Expo designed to help shape America's future through the roles...
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Long in the Tooth
A Houston Chronicle investigation found that inmates with few or no teeth were routinely denied dentures and instead offered pureed food served in a cup. In 2016, prison medical providers in Texas approved dispensing a mere 71 denture prosthetics to...
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Vol. 28, No. 3, May/June

Kiosks: At Your Service
Imagine a time when robots will serve you, taking over mundane tasks and leaving you to use your intellect to its full potential like in the sci-fi movies. Well, that day is almost here-if you consider all the options a kiosk offers, including all the...
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High Tech Front and Center
As we move into the nicer weather of the spring and summer seasons, the trade show schedule for the corrections industry begins to ramp up. A number of major equipment procurement shows and conferences are on the docket from May through August. Here...
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Safety & Savings
Security and cost effectiveness are arguably the biggest concerns of corrections administrators in running their jails and prisons. In appealing to those in the industry we found these insider tips that could prove helpful directly by saving funds or...
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Jails Could Be a Turning Point in the Opioid Crisis
More than a dozen communities will soon be fighting the country's opioid abuse epidemic on a critical front-county jails- thanks to a grant initiative from Arnold Ventures, according to a post on ArnoldVentures.Org.The philanthropy in partnership with...
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Contraband Detection
IN APRIL of this year employees at the Dallas County, Alabama, county jail got a rude awakening after a shakedown uncovered loads of contraband. The items were the usual suspects: knives, sharpened broomsticks, narcotics, marijuana, headphones, cell...
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AV in Corrections
Audio-visual technology use has been in use in some capacity in correctional facilities for decades. It offers numerous advantages. It brings families in. It keeps contraband out. It saves time and money when it comes to transporting inmates to court...
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Vol. 27, No. 5, September/October

NCCHC to Return to the Paris Hotel in Vegas
Las Vegas is said to be one of the brightest places on earth, and all bets are on that it will light up even more when the brightest minds in correctional healthcare convene for five days of education and networking in October, show organizers note....
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Vol. 26, No. 3, May/June

2017 AJA CONFERENCE & JAIL EXPO Draws Big Crowds in Orlando
The American Jail Association's (AJA) 36 th Annual Conference in Orlando wrapped up last month with four days of educational workshops, product introductions and industry networking. Nearly 1,000 jail administrators and managers, correctional and training...
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Vol. 25, No. 3, May/June

The number of prisoners climbed steeply in federal, state and county detention in the 1980s and 1990s, partly the result of stricter drug penalties and three strike laws. While research indicates that the expanded use of incarceration during those two...
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Vol. 24, No. 5, September/October

Education, Technology and Reentry
THE LONG LAZY DAYS of summer have come to a close. As the September days grow shorter and nights grow cooler, many students return to their studies, and by October most have delved deeply into their new curriculums. Some corrections departments have...
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