Current Trends in Islamist Ideology


Vol. 25, February

The Co-Optation of Islam in Russia
IN RUSSIA MORE THAN 14 MILLION PEOPLE-ABOUT 10 PERCENT OF THE population-identify as Muslim.1 Islam is the second largest religious group in the country, after Orthodox Christianity. Within the Russian Federation there are eight recognized Muslim republics:...
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The Origins of Boko Haram-And Why It Matters
Nigeria's population of an estimated 200 million people is plagued by an alarming level of violence, which is driven by a toxic mix of brutal extremist groups, criminal gangs and a cropland crisis. These feed into one another, and each is little understood....
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Where Will Erdogan's Revolution Stop?
IN RECENT YEARS, TURKEY HAS BEEN UNDERGOING A DRAMATIC SOCIO-POLItical transformation. The country's constitution and system of governance have been formally changed from a parliamentary democracy to a presidential system that grants extensive power...
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Deploying Social Media to Empower Iranian Women: An Interview with Masih Alinejad
MASIH ALINEJAD IS RECOGNIZED BY MILLIONS OF GLOBAL admirers for inspiring protests against the Iranian regime's enforced mandatory hijab. She believes that the compulsory wearing of the traditional women's Islamic head covering is a visual symbol of...
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The Syria Effect: Al-Qaeda Fractures
IN LATE 2010 AND INTO 2011, AS THE SO-CALLED "ARAB SPRING" SWEPT across North Africa and the Middle East, a consensus emerged in the West that the unprecedented wave of pro-democracy protests spelled the likely end of jihadist movements like al-Qaeda.1...
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Educator of the Faithful: The Power of Moroccan Islam
THE CRISIS OF GOVERNANCE AND CONSTITUTIONALISM FACING modern Arab governments and politicians has been compounded by an underlying ideological crisis. The ad hoc political order of nation-states that formed in the Arab Middle East after the break-up...
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Vol. 24, July

TheAnti-Islamic Movement in China
THE MASS HUMAN RIGHTS ATROCITIES IN XINJIANG-THE REGION in China's far west, where Chinese Communist authorities have imprisoned upwards of one million Uyghur Muslims in "political reeducation" camps-are worsening, and this demands a far greater international...
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Conflicting Currents in EgyptianThought
TWO SIGNIFICANT STREAMS OF MUSLIM THOUGHT FLOW THROUGH Egypt. One emanates from the scholarship of the al-Ahzar establishment in Cairo; the other from the legacy of Hasan al-Banna and the movement he founded.1 With that in mind, this article addresses...
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The Salafi-Jihadist Reaction to Hindu Nationalism
Ayman al-zawahiri, the leader of al-qaeda, announced the creation of al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (Jamaat Qaidat al-Jihad fi'shibi al-qarrat al Hindiya, or AQIS) on September 4, 2014.1 The establishment of this new al-Qaeda branch intersected...
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Assessing Europe's Efforts to Oppose Islamist Extremism
ISLAMISM POSES SUBSTANTIAL POLITICAL AND SECURITY CHALLENGES to governments across Europe. At present, it is unclear whether those governments are capable of successfully confronting Islamism's challenges. This is, perhaps, a surprising proposition since...
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Scapegoats of Wrath, Subjects of Benevolence: Turkey's Minorities under Erdogan
Recep tayyip erdogan's Turkish government over the course of the last 16 years has demonstrated a mixed track record with regard to religious minorities, characterized both by gestures of benevolence, as well as egregious scapegoating and persecution...
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The Unfinished History between America and the Muslim Brotherhood
ON JULY 11, 2018 THE U.S. CONGRESS'S SUBCOMMITTEE ON NATIONAL Security organized a series of hearings on "The Muslim Brotherhood's Global Threat."1 The purpose was to determine what dangers the Muslim Brotherhood poses to American interests around the...
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