Brazilian Political Science Review

Articles from Vol. 11, No. 1, 2017

Business, Government and Foreign Policy: Brazilian Construction Firms Abroad *
Globalization has been altering the relational logic of the main international actors. Although the scale of its impact on the State's role in the international system remains controversial, there is some degree of consensus in the literature that the...
Formal Comparisons of Legislative Institutions: Ideal Points from Brazilian Legislatures
When making formal comparisons of legislative arenas, there are methodological considerations that researchers must keep in mind. In this research note, I outline these concerns and demonstrate with an example how findings can change once these considerations...
Germany and Greece in the Eurozone Crisis from the Viewpoint of the Neo-Neo Debate *
Since 2008, a financial and political crisis originating in the dynamics of the US domestic market, exacerbated by the strong relation of dependency between countries in a globalized world, has negatively impacted world economies and the international...
The Genesis of Participatory Democracy in Brazil: A Scientific (Re)Construction
The genesis of participatory democracy in Brazil has often been explained in terms of the renewal of collective action in Europe and Latin America. This 'movement-based' interpretation of the genesis links social movements with the creation of new procedures...
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