European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

Articles from Vol. 3, No. 2, December

Knowledge Circulation between Universities, Public Research Organizations and Business in the EU 27. Drivers, Barriers, Actions to Be Put Forward
1. IntroductionAs producers of knowledge, universities and public research institutions have a key-role in driving the objectives of the cross - cutting strategy Europe 2020. To this end, through the Innovation Union flagship initiative, it is envisaged...
Roma in Serbia after the Collapse of Yugoslavia: Political Implications and Media Silence on Racial Violence
4. The Roma Issue and EuropeThe Roma are the largest ethnic minority in Europe with official estimates up to 12 million (Bereny, 2010). Roma people, the most unique and the oldest non-European minority with origins in India, are widely dispersed throughout...
Some Empirical Aspects regarding the Relationship between Inflation and Economic Growth in Romania - the Speed Limit Effect
1. Inflation and the Economic GrowthRecent work on the design of monetary policy reflects a general consensus on the appropriate objectives of monetary policy; the monetary authorities as well as the majority of observers, and even politicians, perceive...
The Investigation of the Role of Universities in Providing Lifelong Learning in Romania
1. IntroductionThe concept of lifelong learning was emphasized by the European Commission as a way to achieve the aim 'to make the EU the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world capable of sustainable economic growth with more...
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