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Vol. 8, No. 1, 2019

Social Comparison in Parents of Children with Chronic Conditions: Results from the Portuguese Version of the Iowa-Netherlands Comparison Orientation Measure
Social comparisons are considered a central source of information concerning the self, which allow people to assess their abilities and the accuracy of their thoughts and behaviors (Gibbons & Buunk, 1999). When faced with situations of prolonged...
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Lifestyles and Stress According to Self-Kindness and Goal Directedness among Drivers
The number of transportation workers in Japan, including professional drivers, who exhibit health examination results outside of reference values is higher than those inside them (Ministry of Health, Labour, & Welfare, 2016). This has been observed...
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Life Satisfaction: Study of the Predictors in a Mixed Portuguese Sample
Recently, the study and understanding of subjective well-being has been a central research topic, particularly in the field of Health Psychology. One of the key components of subjective well-being concerns life satisfaction, linked essentially to the...
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Vol. 7, No. 1, 2018

Intervenção Em Situações De Violência Doméstica: Atitudes E Crenças De Polícias
A Atuação da Polícia Perante Situações de Violência DomésticaEste estudo foca as crenças e as atitudes dos polícias face a situações de violência doméstica, procurando a partir de uma investigação de cariz quantitativo e exploratório fazer uma reflexão...
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Psychoactive Substance Use and Perception of Mental Health Status in Inmates of Two Portuguese Prisons
A high prevalence of mental health disorders and infectious diseases have been reported in prisons (Bjørngaard, Rustad, & Kjelsberg, 2009) and poor living conditions is an important exacerbating factor. Inmates are often subjected to violence, lack...
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Community Mental Health Services in Pakistan: Review Study from Muslim World 2000-2015
Mental Health Worldwide in Low and Middle Income Countries and PakistanIt is estimated that 50% of the individuals in the developed and 85% in developing countries have mental health problems, but are unable to receive any treatment (Pescosolido &...
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Patients’ Perspectives about the Design of a Mobile Application for Psychotic Disorders
Mental health problems are a growing global concern according to the World Mental Health Survey Initiative (Kessler et al., 2009). In Europe, psychotic disorders in particular have a prevalence of 1.2% (Dominguez, Wichers, Lieb, Wittchen, & van Os,...
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Train Accidents: Development of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Train Drivers
According to Marques Teixeira (2002), after the invention of the train and the occurrence of the first railway accident, occurrences of nightmares, somatization disorder and other symptoms considered typical of posttraumatic stress disorder were registered.Several...
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Quality of Life in Colorectal Cancer Outpatients
It was estimated that in 2015, more than 579,000 new cancer cases would occur in Brazil. Among these cases, approximately 14,180 will be of colon and rectal cancer (colorectal cancer) in men and 15,960 in women. The mortality rates of colon and rectal...
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Contributos Para a Validação Portuguesa Do Family Relationship Index (FRI) Reduzido
Atualmente reconhece-se a importância de compreender de que forma a dinâmica familiar contribui para o desenvolvimento de psicopatologias. Alguns estudos (Edwards & Clarke, 2005; Kieffer-Kristensen & Teasdale, 2011; Kissane, Bloch, Onghena, et...
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Risk Factors Reduction in Suicidal Youth through Social Connectedness Opportunities Provided by Community Services
A group of studies on youth suicide indicate that positive interactions in social and environmental contexts, such as family, school, and workplace, are important factors against suicidal behaviors (Barber & Schluterman, 2008; Townsend & McWhirter,...
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Alimentação Na Visão das Pessoas Com Diabetes Mellitus: Contributo das Representações Sociais
A diabetes mellitus 2 (DM2) é uma das doenças crônicas mais comuns na contemporaneidade, com grande impacto na saúde pública, no âmbito mundial, e altos custos de tratamento (Milech et al., 2016). Esses impactos podem ser diminuídos se a pessoa com DM2...
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Vol. 6, No. 1, 2017

Psychology, Community and Health: Consolidation and Transformation
The current issue of Psychology, Community and Health marks the ending of a five-year period from the moment when the journal was officially born (Issue #1 in March 2012) towards the subsequent period when the journal learned how to take its first steps.Various...
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Introduction to the Special Thematic Section on "Aging and Health in Different Sociocultural Contexts"
It is a privilege to be the Guest Editor of the Special Thematic Section: “Aging and Health in Different Sociocultural Contexts” in Psychology, Community & Health. With this Special Section we are pleased to highlight this journal’s commitment to...
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Increasing Physical Activity in Older Adults: Walking by Prescription in Primary Care
In older adults, health benefits due to regular physical activity have critical importance, contributing to lower rates of all mortality causes, such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer and breast cancer...
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