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May 4

Purple State Extremism? How Two-Party States Polarize
Many Americans believe national politics are more polarized than ever. The common narrative is that Americans increasingly self-segregate their neighborhoods, media consumption, and even dating lives along partisan lines. This self-sorting creates enclaves...
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April 14

China Y ÁFrica Subsahariana: La Asociación Agrícola Que Busca Resolver la Inseguridad Alimenticia Y la Pobreza Extrema
Desde el fin de los años cincuenta, China ha desarrollado una relación económica estable y próspera con países de África subsahariana (AS). Esta asociación ha florecido hasta tal punto de que China se ha convertido en el mayor socio comercial de AS....
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April 3

How Cities Can Model Transit Equity
Millions of people in cities worldwide lack sufficient access to public transit. In the United States, many live in transit deserts, where the demand for transit outweighs supply. Inadequate transit access may limit employment and educational opportunities...
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March 31

A Call to Simplify and Broaden Expungement Laws
Formerly incarcerated individuals are often released only to find social and economic barriers harsher than the penalty itself. The internet age makes this problem even worse given the ease of accessing criminal records. Recognizing these barriers, most...
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May 21

This Targeted Lung Cancer Screening Program Can Improve Health and Save Money
In 2018, there were 234,000 new cases of lung and bronchus cancer in the U.S. and 154,050 estimated deaths — the highest among all types of cancers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cigarette smoking is linked to 80 to 90...
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May 16

The Insidious Relationship between Pharmaceutical Marketing to Physicians, Opioid Prescriptions, and Overdose Deaths
In 2017, as opioid-related deaths surpassed deaths from car accidents and gun homicides combined, the Trump Administration declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. Since then, policymakers have responded with solutions ranging from pharmacological...
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March 16

Who Assesses the Assessors? Studying Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Data Quality
The current opioid epidemic is unprecedented in its scope, accounting for the deaths of 72,000 Americans in 2017 and surpassing deaths from car accidents and gun homicides combined. In response, policymakers have been attempting to find solutions. One...
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March 4

Housing Programs Improve Stability and Health of Homeless Families
A home is an invaluable space, providing not only physical shelter but also psychological sanctuary and security. In January 2017, the National Alliance to End Homelessness identified 553,742 homeless individuals living in the U.S. Housing instability...
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February 15

New Evidence on the Effectiveness of Early Interventions for Children with Lead Poisoning
Early childhood lead poisoning has been linked to detrimental effects on cognition, academic performance, IQ, high school graduation, and even adult earnings. In many countries, laws prohibiting the use of leaded gasoline have reduced lead exposure,...
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February 9

Transforming the Lives of 600 Million Girls through Evidence: An Interview with Dr. Thoai NGO
Dr. Thoai Ngo is an epidemiologist and demographer with expertise in managing, designing, and evaluating global development and health interventions and programs in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Ngo is the director of the Population Council’s Poverty,...
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February 17

Harnessing GPS Data for the Future of Electric Cars in Europe
Driving a Tesla may sound exotic, but electric cars are anything but a novel idea. The first successful electric automobile in the U.S. debuted in 1891. Over the last century, the development of electric vehicles (EVs) has been intimately tied to the...
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