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This journal is both a scholarly journal and a literary magazine. It publishes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction by North Carolina writers, as well as interviews, articles, and essays about the state's authors, literary history, and writing culture.


No. 26, June

Writing + Art + Music = Creative Synergy
The discovery that Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain has been adapted into an opera inspired this year's special feature section topic: North Carolina Literature and the Other Arts. Particularly since the opera was a theme instigator, I was thrilled when...
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Cold Mountain: A Journey from Charles Frazier's Magnum Opus to Jennifer Higdon's Magnum Opera
FROM THE FIRST THOUGHT OF WRITING an opera to the highly anticipated world premiere, the journey of Cold Mountain by American composer and Pulitzer Prize winner Jennifer Higdon lasted approximately a decade. Although she is one of the most well-known...
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Miller Road
Winter had lost its hold on the pasture. The melted snow revealed brown and brittle remnants of milkweed and bull thistle, six months past their summer peak of strength and thickness, just dull footnotes of an old season. My brother and I stepped through...
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Special People and Special Collections
I have long known the value of a strong mentor, and I never pass up an opportunity (like right now) to express my appreciation of Dorothy Scura, who guided me as I launched my PhD program and then my career. I recognized similar appreciation of Betty...
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Betty Adcock: Two Appreciations
Adapted from tributes at the North Carolina Writers Conference Greensboro, 30 July 2016 "not afraid of the dark" by Noel Crook I'm honored to speak on behalf of Betty Adcock's students about what makes her remarkable, not just as a teacher of poetry,...
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A New Voice Tells an Old "Love Is Love" Story. (Miscellany)
As soon as Fiction Editor Liza Wieland recommended publication of Jim Coby's interview with Matthew Griffin, I read the author's debut novel, not wanting any spoilers as I edited the interview. So before you read the interview, do yourself the favor...
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Make Believe with Utter Conviction: An Interview with Garth Risk Hallberg
By any measure, Garth Risk Hallberg's novel City on Fire was one of the major literary events of 2015, garnering positive reviews from The New York Times and The New Yorker, a splashy profile in Vogue, and (perhaps the best indicator of New York publishing...
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