SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics

Articles from Vol. 9, No. 2, December

From Realism to Idealism. an Attempt to Grasp the Evolution of Political Speech
1. Introduction Political TV campaigns show the changing role of media in politics and the way parties use the media. It seems interesting also to notice that the way people treat the media has changed: some decades ago it was treated as an authority;...
Influence of the Field of Education on Meaning Predictability of Novel Compounds
1. Introduction When language users encounter a new lexical unit for the first time they assign certain lexical meaning to it. Since the lexical unit is unknown to them, such an assignment of meaning is a matter of prediction. However, the meaning...
The Politics of Body-Part Terminology: On the Conceptual Affiliation of the Lexical Item Face
1. Introduction The aim of the paper is to investigate the diachronically viewed semantics of both face and fce-HEADed (1) phraseological exoressions in the context of the conceptual categories that we commonly distinguish to categorise the world....
The Use of Conjunctions as Cohesive Devices in Iranian Sport Live Radio and TV Talks
1. Introduction Cohesion system was mainly introduced by Halliday & Hasan (1976). They argued that cohesion has a semantic concept, which refers to relations of meaning that exist within the text and define it as a text. Halliday (1989) confirms...
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