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Articles from No. 134, December

China's Quest for Asia
DECEMBER 30, 2004, was hardly a proud moment for China, Asia's rising superpower. On that day, China's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Liu Jianchao, announced $2.7 million in disaster relief to victims of the great Sumatran tsunami that killed hundreds...
Iraq Is Not Vietnam
WHEN AMERICAN GROUND forces paused briefly during the march to Baghdad in 2003, critics of the war were quick to warn of a "quagmire," an oblique reference to the Vietnam War. Virtually as soon as it became clear that the conflict in Iraq had become...
Making Democracy Stick
AN AMBITIOUS STRATEGY of democracy promotion is poised to be a major pillar of U.S. foreign policy for many years after 9/11, just as Cold War containment, trade liberalization, and development assistance were pillars of American policy in the decades...
On the Disposal of Dictators
IN BETWEEN HIS defiant court appearances, Saddam Hussein sits in a cell, probably eating a bag of Doritos. He also enjoys Cheetos and Raisin Bran Crunch, at least according to the Pennsylvania National Guardsmen once assigned to him and recently interviewed...
What Is "Cruel and Unusual"?
THE EIGHTH AMENDMENT is a jurisprudential train wreck. Its proudly humane language banning "cruel and unusual punishments" may remain among the Bill of Rights' most famous sound bites, but nobody today has the faintest clue what it means. The reason...
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