The Western Journal of Black Studies

Journal focusing on issues regarding the African American experience in the United States.

Articles from Vol. 29, No. 4, Winter

Associations and Predictors of Incarcerated African American Father's Relationship with Their Children
Typically, discussions about the effect of imprisonment upon incarcerated parents and their children involve women (Beckerman, 1994; Beckerman, 1998; Boudin, 1998). During a period when more attention was given to woman offenders, an increase in publications...
Purposes of Gospel Choirs and Ensembles in State Supported Colleges and Universities
The utilization of music for religious purposes continues to be one of its most significant principles. There are many genres of sacred music; Hymns, Motets, Spirituals, Masses, Southern Gospel, Christian Inspirational and Black Gospel are only a few....
Sojourner Truth: Bringing Order out of Chaos
God revealed himself ... with all the suddenness of a flash of lightning, showing [Sojourner Truth] ... that he pervaded the universe--"and that there was no place where God was not." (Narrative p. 65) Sojourner Truth is a well-known figure in Africana...
The Black Church and Community Development and Self-Help: The Next Phase of Social Equality
Introduction "There exists what is called 'The Black Church' is crosses denominational boundaries and is without a formal structure. Yet it is a reality cherished by many Black Christians, who feel at ease joining in prayer and in Christian action...
The Politics of Reading Richard Wright: Black Boy as Ideological Critique
Humanism and poststructuralism constitute two dominant modes for engaging Richard Wright's Black Boy While ostensibly very different theoretical frameworks, both privilege the aesthetic dimensions of Wright's discourse and consequently displace the...
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