Houston Journal of International Law

This journal publishes articles in international and comparative law, including international business, finance, torts, crime and human rights.

Articles from Vol. 24, No. 1, Fall

Child Labor Prohibitions Are Universal, Binding, and Obligatory Law: The Evolving State of Customary International Law concerning the Unempowered Child Laborer
Child labor (1) is the most prevalent source of child exploitation and child abuse in the world today. (2) At least 250 million children between the ages of five and fourteen (3) are working in developing countries. (4) Approximately 120 million of...
Price-Fixing at the Pump. Is the OPEC Oil Conspiracy beyond the Reach of the Sherman Act?
I. INTRODUCTION In both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives, resentment has been building (1) against the relentless increases in the price of oil (2) resulting from the cornering of the oil market by the Organization of Petroleum...
Redefining Gender: Hernandez-Montiel V. INS
I. INTRODUCTION At the same time Mexico's president-elect, Vicente Fox, was at the White House calling for an open border between Mexico and the United States, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals was announcing a landmark decision. (1) The court...
The United States' Choice to Violate International Law by Allowing the Juvenile Death Penalty
I. INTRODUCTION A. Overview of Analysis The United States Supreme Court did not grant certiorari to Michael Domingues, an individual sentenced to death for a crime he committed as a juvenile. (1) The Nevada Supreme Court upheld his sentence of...
Thinking outside the Box: The Application of COGSA's $500 Per-Package Limitation to Shipping Containers
I. INTRODUCTION The introduction of the shipping container revolutionized the maritime shipping industry. Compared to the earlier "break-bulk" method of transporting goods, containerized shipping offered enhanced economy and efficiency in the handling,...
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