Houston Journal of International Law

This journal publishes articles in international and comparative law, including international business, finance, torts, crime and human rights.

Articles from Vol. 25, No. 3, Spring

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Will President Bush's Limitation on Federal Funding Put the United States at a Disadvantage? A Comparison between U.S. and International Law
I. INTRODUCTION In an age where technological and medical advances are developing at exponential rates, the law may shape or follow advances. (1) Embryonic stem cell research is one rapidly emerging area in which the law may shape or follow advances....
Realism Intrudes: Law, Politics, and War
[R]ationality is rule-observance, consistency, like treatment of like cases. Unless an authority, an organisation, ... is rational in this sense, we feel rather helpless in the face of its unpredictability, its caprice. Ernest Gellner (1) IF...
The Mexican Trucking Dispute: A Bottleneck to Free Trade. A Tough (Road) Test on the NAFTA Dispute Settlement Mechanism
I. INTRODUCTION The harmonization of domestic concerns and international treaty obligations is out of tune at best, as the United States unacceptably delayed opening the border to Mexican trucking services. Under the North American Free Trade Agreement...
The OECD Tax Competition Initiative: A Critique of Its Merits in the Global Marketplace
I. INTRODUCTION One policy-based principle within the area of international tax law is the promotion of worldwide efficiency and growth. (1) The means to accomplish this principle is to remove tax rates from the factors considered in selecting the...
The Wall Still Stands! Complying with Export Controls on Technology Transfers in the Post-Cold War, Post-9/11 Era
I. INTRODUCTION What a troublesome thing a wall is! I thought it was to defend me, and not I it! --Henry David Thoreau (1) Protection of capabilities and technologies readily available on the world market is, at best, unhelpful to the maintenance...
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