Public Personnel Management

A quarterly journal focused on human resource work in the public sector. Contains articles on trends, case studies, comparative information, and recent research. Topics include labor relations, assessment, personnel policies, government reform and other a

Articles from Vol. 45, No. 4, December

Is Public Service Motivation a Better Explanation of Nonprofit Career Preferences Than Government Career Preferences?
Introduction Public service motivation (PSM) is a multifaceted theory that explains, among other things, the career preferences of individuals. Originally, it was theorized that PSM drew individuals to government employment because of the inherent...
Manager-Employee Gender Congruence and the Bureaucratic Accountability of Public Service Employees: Evidence from Schools
The role of gender in management has long been a subject of research attention and debate (Butterfield & Grinnell, 1999; Hearn & Parkin, 1983; Kanter, 1977; Marshall, 1995), and yet scholarly consensus on the relationship between gender, management,...
Toward an Entrepreneurial Public Sector: Using Social Exchange Theory to Predict Public Employee Risk Perceptions
As public managers look for new ways to operate in an environment increasingly dominated by budgetary pressures and amplified demands for program effectiveness, they have come to consider adoption of practices from the other economic sectors (Townsend,...
Work-Family Balance and Alternative Work Schedules: Exploring the Impact of 4-Day Workweeks on State Employees
Introduction Around the globe, employers in every sector of the economy are seeking strategies to improve employee productivity and work environments. This issue is especially critical for public sector organizations as they face several significant...
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