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Alternatives: Global, Local, Political is a magazine specializing in Politics topics.

Articles from Vol. 31, No. 1, January-March

Art after 9/11
This article examines ways in which art can help broaden understandings of contemporary security challenges, especially in view of the limits of conventional forms of strategic and policy analysis. The article focuses especially on responses to 9/11...
Local Symbols, Global Networks: Rereading the Murals of Belfast
Traditionally, the political murals of Belfast have been understood as expressions of either loyalist or republican communities, a reading that reduces the complex struggles of Northern Ireland into a simple conflict between two groups. This article...
The Beautiful Nation: Reflections on the Aesthetics of Hellenism
An aesthetics of Hellenism affirming an exclusivity and localization of the beautiful oscillates along a political axis from domination to liberation. This article seeks to unsettle such accounts of "the beautiful nation" so as to enable other mediations...
The Strategy of Still Life, or the Politics of Georges Braque
This article examines the politics, or rather the ethics, of the apparently apolitical but profoundly ethical artist Georges Braque, at a time of maximum ethical and political disturbance: the German occupation of France during World War II. It considers...
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