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Articles from Vol. 33, No. 4, October-December

A Model for Homeland Defense? the Policing of Alterglobalist Protests and the Contingency of Power Relations
This article analyzes the policing of the protest against the Free Trade Area of the Americas agreement in Miami in November 2003. Specifically, it uses the case to develop a theoretical understanding of the contingencies, weaknesses, and unpredictable...
Global Justice Meets Local Civil Society: The International Criminal Court's Investigation in the Central African Republic
As a new justice institution, the International Criminal Court (ICC) needs to gain legitimacy not just with states but also in civil society, both at the global level and in the societies in which it intervenes. This article, based on interviews, NGO...
Indeterminate Geographies of Political Violence in Southern Thailand
Geographies always contain more than they claim to represent, and there is always a politics involved in this excessive representation. This article examines how such indeterminate geographies structure popular, academic, political, and nationalist...
The Politics of Activation: Technologies of Mobilizing "Multiethnic Suburbs" in Sweden
Since the 1990s, the idea of "mobilization from below" has become a salient feature in Swedish debates on "multiethnic suburbs." In this article, the idea of "mobilization from below" is analyzed in three different policy areas--democracy, urban, and...
Wilson Victorious? Understanding Democracy Promotion in the Midst of a "Backlash"
Many authors have issued anxious warnings about a disturbing "backlash against democracy"--this in spite of the growing affirmation of democracy as an international standard against which other systems are measured. This article considers the role...
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