Argumentation and Advocacy

This publication provides research and articles on argumentation studies, including contemporary or historical argumentation theory, informal logic, pragma-dialectics, interpersonal arguing, culture and argument, public and political/legal argument and forensics and pedagogy.

Articles from Vol. 30, No. 4, Spring

A Critical Analysis of Objectivity in the Legal Sphere
Objectivity has received a bad name. This presents a special problem to the field of law, and it is a problem that argument scholars are in a position to shed some light on. Setting aside the radical Critical Legal conclusion that the only consistent...
Administrative Judicial Rhetoric: The Supreme Court's New Thesis of Political Morality
Legal critics Dellapenna and Farrell (1991) urge examination of "how modes of judicial reasoning and the discourse in which that reasoning has resided have changed." Such work is important, they note, because the discourse of law "structures the 'conversation...
Law as Communicative Praxis: Toward a Rhetorical Jurisprudence
"It is the province of knowledge to speak and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen." Oliver Wendell Holmes The Poet at the Breakfast Table In the recent film Mindwalk, the center of action is focused on the intellectual exchange of a poet, a scientist,...
Spanning Ideological Chasms: The Response to Conceptual Segregation in Bowers V. Hardwick
I On July 13, 1986, the United States Supreme Court released a 5-4 decision in the case of Bowers v. Hardwick in favor of the state of Georgia, rejecting Michael Hardwick's claim that the state law prohibiting consensual sodomy violated the constitutional...
The Case for Using Nontraditional Judges in Forensic Contests
The forensics community should reintroduce the use of nontraditional judges in forensics tournaments. Diversifying the judging pool, while challenging tournament directors, will improve the educational value of forensics. The addition of nontraditional...
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