Argumentation and Advocacy

This publication provides research and articles on argumentation studies, including contemporary or historical argumentation theory, informal logic, pragma-dialectics, interpersonal arguing, culture and argument, public and political/legal argument and forensics and pedagogy.

Articles from Vol. 30, No. 3, Winter

An Analysis of Differences in Success Rates of Male and Female Debaters
The past few years have witnessed a heightened awareness of gender issues in NDT debate. There are a wide variety of issues which have come to the surface recently and it is important that we extend the discussion and debate on the multiplicity of...
Beyond Tabula Rasa
Tabula rasa is no longer secure. The assumptions that stand watch at the frontiers of that perspective are no longer sufficient to turn are the foreign elements that threaten its purity. Proponents of the tabula rasa judging philosophy have erected...
Debate and Dissent in Late Tokugawa and Meiji Japan
Japan has often been portrayed as lacking traditions of rhetoric, public speaking, and debate. Acccording to this view, as expressed by Roichi Okabe, "Japan has not witnessed the development of any indigenous rhetorical theory and practice." (187)....
The "Three Doctrines Discussions" of Tang China: Religious Debate as a Rhetorical Strategy
Introduction In this essay I will be introducing the "Three Doctrines Discussions" of medieval China. These were imperially-sponsored debates between representatives of China's three major religious systems, these being Buddhism, Daoism, and...
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