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Articles from Vol. 26, No. 7, July-August

2006 Buyer's Guide: How to Use This Directory
Back in 2005, we revamped the Computers in Libraries Buyer's Guide from start to finish. Now that it's online, vendors can update their product, service, and address listings from their own desktops. We invited old and new Buyer's Guide vendors to...
Share and Share Alike
One of librarians' core strengths lies in the way we share knowledge and facilitate the free exchange of information. When we extend this strength to communicating, collaborating, and building networks with one another--in addition to the collaborative...
The Medical Library Association
The Medical Library Association has chosen five Fellows. MLA chooses Fellows annually based on the significant contributions they have made to the health sciences information profession and for their commitment to the advancement of MLA's goals. ...
Time Flies, Money Buys
It often seems as if I measure the time in my life by the milestones I reach at work. This past May, I could hardly believe I'd come to my 12-year anniversary at Information Today, Inc. (ITI). And as I flipped my calendar page to show June, I was shocked...
Wishing Won't Work: 10 Things You Need to Know and Do When Applying for Technology Grants
While browsing through this directory and Buyer's Guide issue of Computers in Libraries, you are sure to find technology that your library needs. Maybe you are reminded about a project that you would like to start, or maybe a new project idea occurs...
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