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Articles from Vol. 35, No. 6, July-August

How to Begin a Digital Photo Collection: Digitizing Local History Photos Can Result in a Great Asset for the Library Staffers and Patrons
I work in the local history/genealogy department at a medium-sized public library in New Albany, Ind. The department received an LSTA (Library Science and Technology Act) Grant in 2013 to begin digitizing our collection of more than 7,000 historical...
Librarians as Product Developers: Notes from the Front Lines: Deep Pockets Are Great, but What about Those Plucky, Small-Scale, Software-Sandbox-Digging Libraries That Just to Have to Be Creative?
In an issue of CIL that promises to be chock-full of innovative projects, I'm devoting this column to another trend that has a long history in the world of libraries: the urge to develop and create products and services. Most libraries--even special...
Monitoring the Pulse: Data-Driven Collection Management: The More Specifically Librarians Can Organize and Manage Circulation Data, the More They Can Hone Collection Development and Strategize to Improve Usage
Libraries have a definite, measurable pulse: circulation statistics. When circulation increases, the library is objectively healthy. When circulation decreases, the library needs a checkup. Fortunately, librarians today have the software tools to accurately...
More Than a Hack: Empowering Your Library through Coding: This Transition to Increased Reliance on Externally Provided Systems Requires Libraries to Have to Rethink Their Approach to Technology
A number of trends have converged to make it easier than ever for librarians to craft new tools and services for the benefit of their organizations. Libraries face ever-increasing challenges, especially in providing access to collections via electronic...
Technology Essentials: Top 10 Free Computer Tools for Law Librarians: Here Are My Top Picks for the Everyday Law Librarian or, Come to Think of It, Any Librarian
Some days, it seems like a hat trick. Librarians are expected to juggle a number of different job responsibilities at once and must wear many hats. Envision this: There's the top hat for the presenter in you-preparing for a presentation can seem very...
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