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This journal offers articles on philosophy, aesthetics, history and criticism of black music.

Articles from Vol. 17, No. 1, Spring

Blues in the Round
As Eddie "Son" House recalled it, traveling with Charlie Patton to his 1930 Paramount Records session was a lot of fun. Patton rounded up House and two other Mississippi Delta musicians, Louise Johnson and Willie Brown, and arranged to have singer...
Opera in Nigeria: The Case of Duro Ladipo's "Qba Koso."
There are conflicting accounts of Duro Ladipo's year and place of birth, which may be the result of inaccurate documentation. A number of sources point to December 18, 1932, but two other sources, which can be considered more authentic, state that...
Squeezebox: The Legacy of the Afro-Mississippi Accordionists
It was Phil Wortham playing homemade four-string guitar with Tiny Hill working on a squeezebox. It wasn't like anything Atwater had ever heard before. The music made him want to move. (Mosley 1995, 74) When I first read this passage...
The Black Authentic: Structure, Style, and Value in Group Harmony
One of the striking things about postwar harmony singers was their (re)use and, in a sense, (re)affirmation of vernacular musical sensibilities, imbedded in Tin Pan Alley-type songs and broadly mainstream "pop" settings. In this regard postwar singers...
The Clave of Jazz: A Caribbean Contribution to the Rhythmic Foundation of an African-American Music
The jazz literature abounds with oversimplifications, such as that jazz harmonies are exclusively based on European practices whereas jazz rhythm came by way of Africa. Acknowledging that the development of jazz music was the result of the complex...
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