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This journal offers articles on philosophy, aesthetics, history and criticism of black music.

Articles from Vol. 28, No. 2, Fall

African Diaspora and Colombian Popular Music in the Twentieth Century
In this paper I argue that the concept of disapora is problematic insofar as it implies a process of traffic outwards from an origin point (usually seen as geographical, cultural and/or "racial"). This origin is often seen as being a key to the definition...
Can Jazz Be Rid of the Racial Imagination? Creolization, Racial Discourses, and Semiology of Music
French ethnomusicologist Bernard Lortat-Jacob likes to proclaim: "Music is always much more than music" (Lortat-Jacob 1996). In the same vein, one could declare that today "black music is always much more than black music." If by black music we mean...
Dedicated to the Struggle: Black Music, Transculturation, and the Aural Making and Unmaking of the Third World
But the black musician, he picks up his horn and starts blowing some sounds that be never thought of before. He improvises, he creates, it comes from within. It's his soul, it's that soul music. ... Well, likewise he can do the same thing if given...
Iyesa Complexes: Reexamining Perceptions of Tradition in Cuban Iyesa Music
This essay examines specific music and religious rituals within the Cuban religion commonly known as Santeria or Regla de Ocha/Ocha. Focusing upon the rhythms, liturgy, musical instruments, and traditions introduced to Cuba by the Iyesa (the Cuban...
Shaping Uplift through Music
Doris Evans McGinty and others have documented the corps of black musicians and educators who embraced the repertoire of western European composers as a means to facilitate a self-help philosophy known as racial uplift propelling African-American upward...
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