Journal of Secondary Gifted Education

Articles from Vol. 15, No. 3, Spring

From the Editor
We, the editorial staff, are especially excited about this issue. Three dedicated graduate students--Wendy Harris, Laurie Hyatt, and Hang Eun Lee--have joined Matt McBee, the editorial assistant, and myself in our work on the journal. Because we had...
Mathematically Gifted in the Heterogeneously Grouped Mathematics Classroom: What Is a Teacher to Do?
Differentiation provides one method by which teachers can provide appropriate challenges at appropriate levels for all learners in a heterogeneously grouped mathematics classroom, where the range of abilities and interests...
The Role of Participation in In-School and Outside-of-School Activities in the Talent Development of Gifted Students
Based on survey responses from 230 students enrolled in a summer gifted program at a university, this study gives a description of gifted students' participation in extracurricular activities in and outside of school....
The Use of Fiction as a Didactic Tool to Examine Existential Problems
Recent geopolitical events have changed the naive way in which many teenagers view the world. In particular, it has called into question many of the moral and ethical foundations we take for granted as norms of a functioning...
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