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Articles from Vol. 49, No. 3, May/June

Know Your Management Rights
EXECUTIVE SUMMARYManagers can do their work only to the extent that the prevailing culture allows them to. A highly autocratic, top-driven organization isn't conducive to creativity and change, for example, so don't expect managers to innovate in such...
Management against Time
EXECUTIVE SUMMARYDon't confuse busyness with business. If you make it clear to employees that downtime is unacceptable, they will always appear to be working, whether they are adding value to the organization or not. Accept the necessity of downtime...
The Missing Ingredient in Organizational Change
EXECUTIVE SUMMARYNo matter where your title appears on the org chart, transformational change is usually difficult and often disruptive. But if organizational change is to take root, corresponding change of the organization's leaders must also take place....
The Truth about a Global Market
EXECUTIVE SUMMARYAn industry veteran battles foreign competition to the bitter end, foreseeing the demise of the very businesses he built his career on. Paul Michael Mullen offers his experience - and a warning - about American manufacturing.In 1990,...
To Understand Change, Know Yourself
Shirley, a 50-year-old client of mine, is a prime example of how difficult it is to change, even when the change is a positive one. Her son, his wife, and their three children had moved to another state and were putting pressure on Shirley to join them....
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