International Journal of Comparative Sociology

This bi-yearly journal publishes research, studies made in different cultures and societies and articles of interest to the international social science community.

Articles from Vol. 40, No. 2, May

Beliefs about the Nature of Sex/gender and Ethnic Inequality
Introduction One of the most passionate debates in feminist literature concerns the subject of difference: are there sex/gender differences, where do they come from, and can and should they be changed? On a very basic level, feminist theorists may...
Greek Resistance 1941-45: Organization, Achievements and Contributions to Allied War Efforts against the Axis Powers
Since her independence from the Ottoman Turks in 1830, Greece, for historical, cultural and economic reasons, has been a reliable and vital ally of western English speaking countries in times of war. Greece's greatest contribution to Allied war efforts,...
The Social World of Female-Headed Black Families: A Study of Quality of Life in a Marginalized Neighborhood
Introduction One of the distinct characteristics of the demographic landscape in America in recent decades has been the growing phenomenon of female-headed, single-parent, black family households which constituted 28% of all black family households...
Transnational Corporations and Their Regulation: Issues and Strategies
Introduction Integrated transnational corporations traversing real-time electronic networks that span the global economy have produced what one writer terms a "borderless world" (Ohmae, 1991). These technologically enhanced corporations also operate...
Women's Reproductive Rights, Modernization, and Family Planning Programs in Developing Countries: A Causal Model
Women's reproductive rights is a current issue of major concern internationally. International discussions on women's rights closely examine the association between strategies of family planning programs in developing countries and reproductive rights....
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