International Journal of Comparative Sociology

This bi-yearly journal publishes research, studies made in different cultures and societies and articles of interest to the international social science community.

Articles from Vol. 40, No. 3, August

Christian Religion and Ethnic Prejudice in Cross-National Perspective
ROB EISINGA [*] JAAK BILLIET [**] ALBERT FELLING [*] A Comparative Analysis of the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) ABSTRACT Almost every student of religion has heard about the research thesis that Christian religious beliefs and...
Explaining Variations in Public Employment
PAUL PENNINGS [*] ABSTRACT This article tests and evaluates existing and new models that seek to explain variations in postwar public employment in the countries belonging to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)....
Gender Differences in the Drinking Patterns of American and Hong Kong Adolescents
CELIA C. LO [*] GERALD GLOBETTI [**] A Cross-cultural Study [1] ABSTRACT Semi-structured interviews were conducted among approximately 100 high school students each in Hong Kong and one small mid-western town in the United States. We intended...
Sex Segregation in American and Polish Higher Education
MARIA COLE [*] The Influence of Class Structure, Politics, and the Economy ABSTRACT This article presents a study of sex segregation in higher education in the United States and in Poland. The analyses cover the period from the end of the...
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