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Articles from Vol. 6, No. 3, Fall

Disappearing Floors and Second Chances: Men's Journeys of Prostate Cancer
The purpose of this phenomenological qualitative study was to explore the lived experience of men with prostate cancer. Fifteen men in Western Canada who had received treatment for prostate cancer were interviewed and encouraged to provide their stories...
Prostate Cancer among Canadian Men: A Transcultural Representation
Health services should consider the masculine representation of disease that underlies men's health behaviors. This study presents a transcultural view of Prostate Cancer (PC) among Canadian men of European descent. Nine men who were enrolled in a...
Sexual Orientation, Sense of Belonging and Depression in Australian Men
This research examined whether a sense of belonging in the community and sexual orientation were associated with depression among men. Australian heterosexual (n = 136) and gay (n = 137) men were recruited through a variety of media, including newspapers,...
"Standing out from the Herd": Men Renegotiating Masculinity in Relation to Their Experience of Illness
In this paper we investigate whether a mental illness (i.e., depression) presents different challenges to masculinity than those experienced in relation to a stereotypically male disease (i.e., coronary heart disease [CHD]) and a gender-specific disease...
The Lonely College Male
Data from 377 anonymous 51-item questionnaires on loneliness were collected from freshman and sophomore students at East Carolina University and analyzed. While most of the students were not lonely, over a quarter (25.9%) of the men and 16.7% of the...
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