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Articles from Vol. 11, No. 1, Spring

Entrepreneurial Masculinity, Health, and the State in Post-Socialist China
Drawing on the author's three years' ethnographic research of karaoke bar hostesses and male clients in the Chinese urban sex industry, this paper argues that men's health practices are impacted by the practices of entrepreneurial masculinity and the...
Ethnicity and Spirituality as Risk Factors for Eating Disorder Symptomatology in Men
The present study investigated ethnicity, spirituality, body shame, body mass index (BMI) and age as risk factors for eating disorder symptomatology in men. A representative nonclinical sample of Canadian men (N = 603) was surveyed. Body shame and...
Gay and Bisexual Latino Men's Sexual Health and Behaviors: A National Online Sample
Latino men represent a quickly growing segment of the U.S. population. As such, it is important to document the health of these individuals. Data were collected from one of the largest gay networking Web sites in the U.S. Using multivariate logistic...
Individual Differences in Masculine Gender Socialization as Predictive of Men's Psychophysiological Responses to Negative Affect
We investigated a long-theorized relationship between individual differences in masculine gender socialization and avoidance of vulnerable negative affect. Participants were thirty-six men (faculty, staff, and students, M age = 21.40, age range 18...
Muscle Dysmorphia Symptomatology: A Cross-Cultural Study in Mexico and the United States
This cross-cultural study examined the nature and correlates of muscle dysmorphia (MD) in Mexicans who lift weights, compared symptomatology in Mexicans to that in Americans, and investigated the roles of bodybuilding and acculturation in the presentation...
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