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Articles from Vol. 13, No. 2, Summer

How Do Men's Female Relatives Feature in Their Accounts of Changing Eating Practices during a Weight-Management Programme Delivered through Professional Football Clubs?
Social support is essential for weight loss but we know surprisingly little about how family relations are (re)negotiated when men attempt to lose weight. We use qualitative data from a men-only weight loss and healthy living programme (observations...
Infertility Problems and Mental Health Symptoms in a Community-Based Sample: Depressive Symptoms among Infertile Men, but Not Women
Most researchers agree that men's and women's experiences of infertility are fundamentally different, and impacts upon the nature of psychological distress encountered. However, design flaws, including non-random samples unrepresentative of the general...
Men's Sheds and Mentoring Programs: Supporting Teenage Boys' Connection with School
The successful transition from boyhood to manhood is one of the most important male life transitions. Teenage boys at risk of school exclusion, and thus social exclusion, face added difficulties when school participation becomes dysfunctional. Men's...
Relationship between Constructions of Masculinity, Health Risk Behaviors and Mental Health among Adolescent High School Boys in Durban, South Africa
In this article, we investigated the relationship between traditional masculine ideology, mental health and health risk behaviours. A secondary aim was to investigate the influence of coping styles and school connectedness on mental health and health...
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