International Review of Mission

This publication focuses on ecumenical missiology, while providing articles and academic papers on mission events, book reviews and detailed bibliography of current literature.

Articles from Vol. 85, No. 339, October

Celebrating a Missionary Church
Introduction There is double joy in celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Greek Orthodox Church of New Zealand. First of all, we are celebrating the establishment of a church that traces its origins to the very beginning of Christianity 2000...
Proselytes and Pressure Cookers: The Meaning and Application of Acts 15:20
Introduction Those who work in Christian mission find Acts an inspiring and informative book: it tells of vigorous missionary expansion; and it shows a variety of different approaches to different audiences and situations. Those moments and places where...
Searching for a Future Waiting to Be Born: Metanoia, Ministry and Mission into the Third Millenium
A little more two months ago I was flying over Tanzania in a small Cessna aircraft. Looking out of the window from the co-pilot's seat I saw lines of mango trees stretching mile after mile. The trees were a living monument to the thousands of slaves...
The Missionary Impulse in the Early Asian Christian Traditions
Asia: the cradle of Christianity In an address on Asia's Message to Europe, delivered in Calcutta in 1883, Keshub Chunder Sen, the great Brahmo Samaj leader in Bengal, observed: Is not Asia the birthplace of great prophets and saints? Is it not pre-eminently...
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