International Trade Forum

Magazine available in three languages focuses on trade development for developing and transition economics. It analyzes trends, opportunities, provides views from trade development experts and reports on International Trade Forum events and services.

Articles from No. 1, 1996

Exporting Furniture: Getting the Packaging Right
Furniture exporters in developing countries should be familiar with the features of good packaging for their international sales. Furniture is a product exported from a number of developing countries. Although it is an export that can bring in lucrative...
New Developments in the International Coffee Trade
The gourmet and specialty segment of the trade is growing and may offer possibilities for expanded sales to some markets. Since the beginning of the 1990s coffee has struggled to maintain the pace of growth in consumption that it enjoyed over the past...
Selling to China: Which Import Channels
According to a new ITC study, the channels for entering the Chinese market are expanding rapidly. Over 100,000 enterprises of various types now import foreign goods directly, and the number continues to rise. In the light of this development, foreign...
The Uruguay Round: Implications for Business Managers
The improved and strengthened rule-based system developed by the Uruguay Round is expected to promote the smooth and orderly development of international trade. It is important to note that governments have negotiated the Round's legal instruments to...
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