International Trade Forum

Magazine available in three languages focuses on trade development for developing and transition economics. It analyzes trends, opportunities, provides views from trade development experts and reports on International Trade Forum events and services.

Articles from No. 1, January-March

Dehydrated Vegetables: A Market to Watch in the Future
According to a new ITC market study, world trade in dried and dehydrated vegetables increased between 1988 and 1992 from US$801 million to $1.057 billion. Although the market is not expected to expand considerably in the near future, demand could rise...
Fruit and Vegetable Exports: New EC Quality Inspection Rules
Exporters in developing countries of fresh fruits and vegetables should be aware of recent changes in the European Community (EC) procedures for the quality inspection of fresh produce sold on this market. New provisions on this subject entered into...
The Final Act of the Uruguay Round: A Summary
enter into negotiations to agree on mutually acceptable compensation. Where this has not been agreed, a party to the dispute may request authorization of the DSB to suspend concessions or other obligations to the other party concerned. The DSB will grant...
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