International Trade Forum

Magazine available in three languages focuses on trade development for developing and transition economics. It analyzes trends, opportunities, provides views from trade development experts and reports on International Trade Forum events and services.

Articles from No. 4, October-December

India's Export Quality Control System
If a supplier loses export business, because of nonconformance to the buyer's quality requirements, this affects not only that company's future export prospects in the foreign market but also the image of the exporting country. One way to avoid this...
The Australian Market - How to Benefit from the Opportunities
The Australian market is relatively unknown to many exporters in developing countries because of its somewhat isolated geographical location. Yet it offers attractive opportunities to new overseas suppliers because it is dependent on imports for a wide...
The Cocoa Market in Selected East European Countries
According to recent ITC research on the international market for cocoa and cocoa products, countries in Eastern Europe may offer potential for increased sales over the medium term for exporters in developing countries. The present low per capita consumption...
Using Online Databases in a Cost-Effective Way
Trade promotion organizations and business firms in developing countries are increasingly using online computerized databases for their market research work, as more of these countries become equipped with telecommunication facilities. The type and...
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